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Another difference is that the rich picture reveals diagrammatical relationship between the board of director and the proposal assigned to the ITDD manager. However, there is no such relationship in the conceptual model.

Suggestions for further action

Based on the analysis of the report, it is revealed that the problem facing Complete Solution on the successful application of the intranet is human and not technical. To address the problem, the report suggests that Clarkson needs to adopt soft system methodology (SSM) in implementing the project. (Checkland, 1985). Soft system approach deals with the real world activities and the method to address the problem is by using the soft technique such as human, political, social, and cultural approach. Typically, SSM uses human approach to explore and address the problem. Former intranet developed by the ITDD manager failed because Roger only incorporates technical and hard approach in the development of the project. Winklhofer (2002) argues that SSM incorporates information requirements that could assist the system analysts to design and develop system that would satisfy organizational requirements.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on System Concepts Company Overview Complete Assignment

To develop a new intranet for the Complete Solution, the first task of the ITDD manager is to incorporate human, social, cultural, and political factors in the system design. The first intranet developed by Roger only incorporates hard approach in the designing process leading to the failure of the system. The previous intranet does not satisfy the requirement of SSM approach in the design methodology, and this leads to its rejection by the employee in the other sections of the company. To avoid another failure, Roger should sample the opinion of key people within the organization and incorporate their needs in the new system. George Goodman, who is one of the high flyers in the company reveals during the interview with the ES staff at Manchester that intranet developed by Roger cannot keep up with the speed that people need to get hold of information. George points out that the system does not have the necessary requirements that he needs to carry out his job. George further reveals that the intranet fails because ITDD manager did not sample the other people opinion within the company before the implementation of the project.

"George's proposed solution is Lotus Notes/Domino - web enabled groupware that he sells to clients. I don't know why the in-house IT people don't ask us. After all we supply these solutions to our clients ... we've got the expertise and the experience, but they don't bother asking us. That intranet is a joke. The information on it is out of date, it's got broken links, and nobody can rely on it. We would never get away with supplying something like that to a client! They never did any analysis, or asked anyone what their requirements were - they just hacked it out. It's not surprising that nobody ever used it and the whole thing was a flop! You can't be too critical though because it's Roger's baby and he doesn't like criticism. Oh, you won't repeat that will you?" (CO3601 System Concepts P14).

Based on the shortcoming of the of old intranet, the proposal should be relevant to the whole department, and the contents of the report in the system should be always up-to-date.

Moreover, accuracy of the information is very important. The information in the proposal should always be accurate and up-to-date to provide essential purpose for the company. The content in the proposal should always be interactive and automated to make users to develop interest in the system. The manual of the new system should always be available to all branches of the company, and the manual should serve specific business purpose, and updated regularly. The proposal should also be developed with the latest technology and there should be a constant maintenance.


Complete Solution aspires to develop a latest IT system to serve the company growth aspiration in the next three years. To implement the project, Board of Director assigns the proposal to ITDD manager. However, Roger, the ITDD manager is facing several challenges in implementing the proposal. The major challenges facing ITDD is human because people are not ready to provide constructive suggestion for the development of the system. People generally believe that Roger is incapable of implementing the project. To address the problem, the report suggests that Roger needs to integrate Soft System Methodology in the new proposal.


CO3601 System Concepts (nd).Soft Systems Methodology Case Study: Complete Solutions

Checkland, P.(1985). Achieving 'Desirable and Feasible' Change: An Application of Soft Systems Methodology ST. The Journal of the Operational Research Society. 36(9): 821-831.

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Complete Solution Plc

Board of Director

IT Development Department (ITDD)

Proposal to coordinate in-house IT development project and support the computing network for development information and communication system

6. Solution

Inculcate Soft Systems Methodology such as social, political, economic and cultural factors.

Sales & Marketing Department

Training Solutions (TS) Consultancy Section


1. Lack of support from other Departments.

2 .People are unwilling to make suggestion.

3 .No staff to manage the latest technology.

No money for consultancy fee.

Roger Clarkson

ITDD Manager

3 Decide the proposal of IT development

4 Assign the IT proposal to Roger Clarkson, An ITDD manager.


Appreciate the importance of IT development


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