Different Types of Intrusion Detection Systems Essay

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It combines both hardware and software to work effectively since the servers used to host the application and deployment into the system being monitored. In a corporate network with TCP/IP protocols, there will be a main server with all the software and applications for detection intrusion.

Firewall Integration and Optimum Locations for IDS on Corporate TCP/IP Network

In such a dynamic network, both anomaly-based and signature-based IDS will be deployed to maintain the network intrusion protocols and detect any disallowed activity. Monitoring such a dynamic network needs servers that are to be placed in every department of the organization. The Host-based IDS monitors the status of the crucial files and detects if an intruder creates, deletes or modifies files in the monitored network. Host-based IDS triggers alerts to the administrator when any file attribute has been tampered with, new files being created and files deleted from the system. In a corporation, network protocols are complex since data packets are to be analyzed from everywhere. The organization's satellite offices also need to be interconnected and monitored centrally from the headquarters and this ensures the security of the company’s data is solely handled by an employee of the organization who is highly knowledgeable in computer networking. They mostly use firewalls since firewalls help detect and prevent intrusion.

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Firewalls have the capability of detecting attacks and preventing them by redirecting them to a sandbox for analysis. Host-based IDS can be deployed together with the firewalls to detect the patterns and teach the firewall new security protocols to initiate and counter any intrusion into the system by malicious hackers. At the protocols of the network, the Host-based IDS will be deployed to monitor each protocol initiated and detect any unwanted traffic. The application layer has various security protocols that ought to be monitored, transport layer that monitors the flow of data between two hosts making it ideal for intrusion detection, and network layer that monitors traffic in and out of the system and alerting the administrator on intrusion and also monitor devices attached to the system to make them protected.

Essay on Different Types of Intrusion Detection Systems Assignment

In summary, an intrusion detection system is an application used in the detection of malicious activity on a computer network. They are specifically designed to monitor network activity, traffic in and out of the network and to stop any intrusions into a system that may compromise the security and integrity of that system. It combines both hardware and software to work effectively since the servers used to host the application and deployment into the system being monitored. Together with firewalls, they can prevent a system from being attacked, data being leaked and loss of sensitive data to hackers. Intrusion detection systems find anomalies and uncertainties in the system and warn the administrator of imminent danger. They are designed to alert the users of any danger to information and sensitive data and combines with firewalls they make a system impenetrable to hackers.

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