Systems and Ecological Perspectives Definition Term Paper

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systems and ecological perspectives definition. In light variability concept, establish true? Makes examples readings, proof crucial.

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Zack's current status in school is very uncertain. Zack struggles academically and has difficulty fitting in with his peer group because of his attention-related issues. Zack finds little source of pride in terms of the accomplishments he is able to make in school: although he is on medication for his ADHD, there does not seem to be sufficient support and understanding of his condition, either by his teachers or his peers for him to find fulfillment in school or to make progress. It is unclear if Zack has any learning disabilities or any other impediments to learning; he does, however, have clear self-esteem issues.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Systems and Ecological Perspectives Definition. Assignment

At home, Zack does seem to have a strong social support network in the form of his mother. His parents acknowledge his problem and are willing to seek out treatment for their son. They also have the financial means to do so, although they do not seem to have taken the same proactive role within the school system to seek out more effective supportive services for their son as they have outside of school. They have been able to find one venue in which Zack shines: that of sports. Outside of an academic context, when Zack can concentrate on his physical skills, he is able to find a source of self-possession and self-esteem, as well as make friends who respect his ability. The challenge will be taking the positive skills that have been honed through sport and using them in an academic context. "Children -- usually boys -- with the hyperactivity-impulsivity form of ADHD are extremely active…Teachers recognize these kids as fidgety kids, kids that seem to be driven by a motor, constantly moving, not able to sit" and penalize them, but these skills are actually very useful for Zack on the athletic field (Dunkin 2013). Thus, at present, Zach's connection to sports and to family would be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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