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When systems are developed, there is a great deal of data accumulated and paperwork generated. It is not surprising to have hundreds and even thousands of pages of documentation for a system such as a computer-human interface. Different forms of documentation are helpful to different aspects of systems engineering. For example, designers and developers often use operational-need and operational-concept information to get a thorough understanding of the identified need and what purpose it will serve. It helps clarify why certain decisions are made to limit misunderstandings.

Lists of system requirements clarify the exact goals that designs must meet and are used for the final criteria to be tested and evaluated at the end product. It especially helps to determine why one design is used over another one. At the very least, system documentation helps keep everyone on the same page (pun intended), hopefully minimizing inconsistencies and ambiguities between different people working on the same project.

Once the product is developed, the same documentation can be used by managers to determine if the project can be successfully repeated in the future, by operators who will be implementing the design to build the product and by individuals who are responsible for the safety and maintenance of the product.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Systems Engineering Documentation When a Assignment

Naturally, documentation must be continually updated with changes and improvements in the system design. There is nothing more upsetting than finding out in the middle of recreating an operation that the work must be redone because of an alteration -- be it large or small -- that has been made in the process in order to enhance the end result. Such updates in documentation also continue the learning process infinitely, since each time the system is recreated, the individuals involved may find another way to bring about positive change through such aspects as reduced material costs or decreased labor needs. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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