Taiwan Originally, Where Things Are Much Different Research Proposal

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¶ … Taiwan originally, where things are much different than in the United States. My parents only went as far as middle school. Although they graduated from there they did not go on to high school. My father, instead, took over the pig farm that was run by his family. It has grown a lot since he took it over, and he and my mother have turned it into a very successful business enterprise. Now it includes a large scale and very modern pig farm and other businesses that are associated with it.

My parents have worked very hard -- my father on the pig farm and my mother as a housewife. She has never worked outside of the home, but that doesn't mean that she didn't do anything. Being a housewife in Taiwan is not easy, and when you have a husband who owns a pig farm you must work very, very hard because you have to handle everything at the house. The cleaning, the cooking, the raising of children, and all other home issues were handled by my mother.

When I was ten years old she survived cancer, but that wasn't the only issue she faced. There have been many personal and family issues that she has been through both before I was born and while I was growing up, and she made it through all of them. She is a very strong woman, and she taught me to be strong as well, as did my father. Because my parents worked so hard they instilled in me a lot of strong work ethics and strong values. They persevered because they were committed to what they were doing and because they would not give up on what they wanted to accomplish. They have convinced me to do the same.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Proposal on Taiwan Originally, Where Things Are Much Different Assignment

Since I was small they have emphasized to me that I can do anything at all that I want to do. I can be anyone, go anywhere, and succeed at anything -- but I have to understand that hard work and determination will be required. I cannot expect a free ride or assume that people will just hand me a great job, a lot of money, or… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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