Tajikistan to the North Research Paper

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Communists and an alliance of Islamic and democratic forces fought with each other to gain power. RahmanNabiyev, a communist, won the presidential elections of November 1991. However, his government was not accepted and nonaggressive protests by the opposition elements were observed in March 1992 demanding his resignation. The situation worsened when in April the government opened fire on the protesters. Nabiyev was thrown way from his office in September by the opponents. The civil war came to an end when in November ImomaliRakhmonov formed a government supported by Russian troops was formed. [6]

The civil War caused substantial loss of life and property. Close to about 600,000 people lost their lives and were left homeless. A great loss of education was made. Estimate damage of U.S.$7 billion was reported. [4]

Until June 1997 periodic fights persisted. A peace agreement was enforced by the United Nations, Russia, and Iran which ended the war and maintained a state of social rest in the country. However, the unstable political situation in the country since after its independence caused the country to be dependent on foreign aid. In 1991, Rakhmonov was re-electedfor another term. [6]

Present day problems of Tajikistan

After the dismissal of Taliban in 2001, resolute Islamic extremists crossed the border, unsettling life and economic conditions of Tajikistan. [6]

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Furthermore, the collapse of Taliban government led to an upsurge in narcotics production in Afghanistan. As a result, Tajikistan became a major transportation hub for Afghan heroin and opium regulated for European markets and other parts of the world. [6][1]

President Rakhmonov was again elected for the third time in November 2006. But the results were boycotted by the opposition parties. His government has been alleged of several human rights exploitations and dishonesty. Also true democracy has ot been observed during his reign. Independent media has been restricted and opposition leaders have been imprisoned.[4]


Research Paper on Tajikistan to the North of Assignment

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