Talent Acquisition: Bringing Aboard New Personnel Thesis

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Talent Acquisition:

Bringing aboard new personnel is a process which must be instructed by an intercession of characteristics specific to the organization and expectations held for the prospective candidate. An important part of this process is screening, which navigates the information contained in resumes, cover letters and other contacts of potential job candidates in order to determine which are most suited to be invited in for an interview. This spares the organization the time of interviewing unsuitable candidates. Naturally, the interview provides a significant insight as well, with the behavioral interview in particular basing significant interpretation of the individual candidate's strengths and weaknesses on demeanor and personality as much as on the answer's provided to questions. Performance or job-related tests are also useful in ensuring that the candidate does indeed possess the skills which he or she has claimed to possess. Similarly, background checks and reference checks ensure that the candidate has the experience which he or she has claimed, as well as the positive referral of those with whom he or she has already worked. These can be very instructive in proceeding with the interview, with assurance that it is being conducted under true pretenses.

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Thesis on Talent Acquisition: Bringing Aboard New Personnel Is Assignment

One of the reasons that these tools can be crucial to the process of talent acquisition is that there is a real cost to training and preparing a candidate for the uptake of responsibilities. The wrong candidate can result in either short-term turnover or an even more costly long-term recognition that the selected candidate is not suited for the path of advancement intended. Thus, it is important to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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