Tampa's Strategic Action Plan for the Redevelopment of the Channelside District Research Paper

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The objective of this work is the conduction of a critical analysis of Tampa's strategic action plan for the redevelopment of the Channelside District. The status of this plan will be analyzed as well as the issues faced such as funding and brining in new business and in attracting people to reside in the Channelside District.. The issues that are stalling this plan and the actions required by the government to make the Channelside District project come to life.

Tampa is a city on the west coast of Florida "...anchoring a major metropolitan region that includes diverse and economically vibrant communities. Tampa is one of Florida's leading cities, offering a wide range of economic and lifestyle opportunities. As the City continues to mature and reached first stage build out, infill redevelopment of its inner core residential neighborhoods has occurred." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd) Coordinated city government efforts and ongoing market forces has resulted in the "...urban downtown core faces similar revitalization interest, as new higher density residential uses are added the area. One of Tampa's core areas experiencing urban redevelopment is the Channel District Community Redevelopment Area.

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Tampa's Strategic Action Plan for the Redevelopment of the Channelside District Assignment

The Channel District is facing dramatic change as its future development pattern emerges at the onset of the 21st Century. The 200-acre redevelopment area on the eastern side of the downtown peninsula has emerged from its industrial past. Originally the Channel District housed heavy shipping, loading and marine services along the Ybor and Garrison Channels and grew to include the first new residential development adaptively reusing the area's historical warehouse pattern Today however, the District is evolving dramatically to include increased tourism-related cruise industry uses, and higher-density residential and mixed-use projects. New urban dwellers are being drawn to this unique urban waterfront area in increasing numbers." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd) it is related that the Channel District has historically been characterized by change and since the original 1920s development this district has been "reinvented and renamed several times as market forces dictated change." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd) Originally, the residential community was a part of the labor workforce housing of the City and this was completely replaced with cold storage warehousing and other general cargo activities needed for the Port's active general cargo trade. This area of the city was...vital until the late 1970's, when container shipping was developed and the shipping business moved to other ports of entry.


After several decades of relative decline and inactivity, the District gained new importance as targeted public investment in infrastructure by the City and the Port Authority began to reverse the decline. The development of the Florida Aquarium, new cruise terminals, Channelside mixed-use development, redevelopment of Channelside Drive, and the TECO Line Streetcar System brought increased activity. And supported cruise industry expansion. Recent City of Tampa redevelopment initiatives, including establishment of the Community Redevelopment Area designation for the District, and the Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority's current development of Meridian Avenue as a major transportation improvement gateway has energized the current development impetus. The new urban form rising in the area today represents the Channel District's 21st century form of mid/high rise and high-density mixed-use development. Without question, the Channel District represents a unique opportunity for the Tampa community to guide the development of a special place; a new and different urban, mixed-use, transit-related residential neighborhood, adjacent to the Central Business District. (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd)

It is stated in the Channel District Redevelopment Act - Strategic Actions Plan that Creation of this Strategic Action Plan (SAP) was initiated by the City of Tampa with the clear intent to understand and guide the market forces transforming the Channel District, and proactively plan for the area's physical build-out with the capital and aesthetic improvements required to provide new infrastructure, a superior public realm environment and quality of life for all of its residents and visitors. The Plan has been crafted to document the District's existing conditions and plan for future growth, in the context of the collective redevelopment activity that is occurring in the City of Tampa's Central Business District and surrounding urban center the SAP responds to the collective citizen, private development, public agency staff and officials input received during the planning process. It represents a balance between previous development decisions with guidance provided for future public and private development actions in delivering a high quality and functioning City neighborhood." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd)


The Strategic Action Plan is stated to be inclusive of the following 'Guiding Principles':

Understand the District's relationship with the CBD and surrounding urban core neighborhoods;

Balance the District's development projections with other sub-areas of the urban core;

Create a strong, urban neighborhood while respecting the existing sense of place and community; and Recognize and accommodate the current development pattern, and City Council zoning precedents and commit

Maintain the momentum of development activity in the District;

Create a good redevelopment environment by emphasizing design quality for both private development and the public realm;

Emphasize the importance of infrastructure and urban design/public realm improvements to the continued success of the District redevelopment process;

Recognize both the development potential and public realm/infrastructure potential for the properties located on the east and south sides of Channelside Drive;

Accommodate the potential for new development in the District at varying heights, densities and architectural styles;

Provide realistic and creative public financing recommendations for the improvements required in the District. (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd)


Key market condition benchmarks that the Channel District planning process identified are the following:

1) Residential development increase to 6,330 units by 2025.

2) Population increase to 12,027 persons by 2025.

3) Employment increase to 8,823 jobs by 2025.

4) Commercial development to 1.89M square feet by 2025.

5) Office development to 1.43M square feet by 2025.

6) Tourism visitors to reach 1.5M persons per year by 2025. (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd)

The Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan states that the "existing deficient conditions and future programming of major infrastructure systems is critically important to the future redevelopment of the Channel District." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd) the Strategic Actions Plan is stated to inventory the systems already existing and makes identification of the preliminary improvements that are required in meeting the projected build-out of study area. It is reported that the roadways currently existing in the Channel District are "laid out in a grid, which is divided by four primary north-south routes and six primary east-west routes. The roads vary in size and traffic volume, and generally have narrow right-of-ways (ROW)." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd)

Because of the age and the original design for service in an industrial area, they do not fit the developing character of the District." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd) the following is a listing of the streets in the Channel District:

North-South Routes East-West Routes

Channelwide Drive Twiggs Street

11th Street Madison Street

12th Street Kennedy Boulevard/SR 60

14th Street Washington Street

Meridian Avenue Whiting Street

Beneficial Drive Cumberland Avenue

N. Raymond Avenue Channelside Drive

Garrison Street E. Harbor Street

Seaport Street E. York Street

Current Roadway Level of Service (LOS)


The existing potable water system in the Channel District is stated to receive its supply through a water main that is 30-inches in diameter and that enters the Channel District on the north end and then runs south along Meridian Avenue. The main is additionally connected to both Harbour Island and the Central Business District. The Channel District's wastewater is "primarily collected and conveyed by gravity." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd) There are two sanitary sewer systems in the Channel District, each separate from the other with one designated to the north and another designated to the south. The report states: "The northern system covers the area from Washington Street north. It collects and conveys to a lift station on the east side of 12th Street, north of Twiggs Street. The 14-inch force main from this lift station discharges into a gravity manhole at the intersection of Channelside Drive and Adamo Drive. The outfall pipe from this manhole, to the east, is an 18-inch Vitrified Clay (VC) gravity line. The southern system covers the area from Washington Street south and collects and conveys to a manhole at the intersection of Channelside Drive and Meridian Avenue. The outfall pipe from this manhole to the west is a 24-inch PVC gravity pipe. Refer to City of Tampa Sanitary Sewer Atlas." (Channel District Redevelopment Area Strategic Action Plan, nd)

It is stated that an expected increase in demand to the potable water supply will arise as a direct result of population growth and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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