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Thus, the modern American can readily understand the Tao de Ching and even difficult concepts like those outlined in Chapter 29. It is unnecessary and unhealthy to try and control everything. The master "understands that the universe / is forever out of control, / and that trying to dominate events / goes against the current of the Tao," (Chapter 30). Many Americans, however, will not agree that weapons are "tools of fear," (Chapter 31). Lao-tze would understand this sentiment and only advise that the individual who loves his or her weapons use them judiciously and at the right moment.

The nature of the universe is a void or nothing, which necessitates a complete letting go of the mind and relaxing of the will. In Chapter 29, the author advises against tampering with the universe. "If you tamper with it, you'll ruin it / If you treat it like an object, you'll lose it," (Chapter 29). The universe is not an object. Our eyes and ears might perceive things, and those things are real, but they are made of the pure energy of life. They are therefore already perfect as they are, and any tampering will undo the sacred balance that is the Tao.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Tao in Chapter 29 of Assignment

This concept is illuminated earlier in the text, in Chapter 25, for example. "There was something formless and perfect / before the universe was born. / It is serene. Empty," (Chapter 25). Moreover, this perfect formlessness remains and "flows through all things," (Chapter 25). In Chapter 29, Lao-tze offers advice on how to live one's daily life in tune with this formless flow. One remains centered and balanced. In Chapter 26, Lao-tze…
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