Teach in a High-Need School Application Essay

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¶ … teach in a high-need school because I feel that my education and experience has taught me the skills necessary to teach students enrolled in New York City's high-needs education program. I am creative enough to maintain a good learning environment, and adaptable enough to be able to handle any student's needs. I can maintain a steady pace of teaching while controlling a more sensitive classroom environment. New York City has the kind of school system that I would like to teach in. Public schools in the city have many requirements for high-needs teachers, and I can fulfill them. Living in New York City and becoming a teacher is a dream that I have been harboring for years. I will be an effective high-needs teacher because of my Master's Degree in Secondary Education from Wagner College on Staten Island. After receiving my Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Political Science in 2010, I felt that a career in politics was not exactly the path I was meant for.

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I have a passion for political science still, but I decided I would like to apply myself towards a more direct role in my career, working with children and not in an office. So I decided on becoming a teacher. Both my Mother and Sister, who are both Special Education teachers, influenced me in my decision. I have been with them to their classrooms many times and I am comfortable while in this environment. Ever since I was small, I was learning from my Mother when she would come home from class, and having a teacher as a Mother has made me better prepared to be a teacher myself. Before I applied to enter a teaching program, I looked around many colleges in the City, and I liked my undergraduate college best.

TOPIC: Application Essay on Teach in a High-Need School Because I Assignment

I decided on Wagner because of its excellent reputation for its teaching program, its proximity within New York City, and its resources tied into the New York Public School system. I have learned everything I could about teaching while at Wagner, and I feel that I gained a lot of valuable knowledge as a result. Many current New York City Public Education teachers are graduates of Wagner, and therefore I felt I had chosen the best college for this goal. After this, I entered Wagner College's Secondary Education program and have been excelling in the classes that I have had. I am qualified to teach High-Needs education, and am looking forward to doing so in the near future. I formally graduate from Wagner College's Masters in Secondary Education program in May 2013.

The greatest challenge I expect to face in teaching a high-needs school is the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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