Term Paper: Teacher Pay Performance

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Teacher Pay Performance

Is it justifiable to tie public school teachers' pay to student test scores? What are the pros/cons?

On the surface, it seems so simple -- better teachers should be paid more than teachers of poor quality. After all, that is the rationale behind bonuses at a company in private enterprise. A salesperson who has a higher rate of sales receives a higher commission and salary than an individual with a poor sales record. The argument to linking teacher pay to student performance is similar to the rationale used in business -- linking pay to performance gives teachers an incentive to go the extra mile to make sure students will learn the material. They will stay after school later to tutor struggling pupils and follow up in class if students do not understand the material.

However, there is one problem with this analogy -- school is not a factory, and teachers are not dealing with a product over which they have sole control. Teachers deal… [END OF PREVIEW]

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