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Do you understand what you are saying? (Give students five minutes to read through their own work and assess the clarity).

(Teacher continues) Now this is the hard part. I want you to give your writing to one of your partners. Each partner will read through the paragraphs and assess a number of things. The first of course is clarity. Now here is a list of questions that I want you to ask yourselves when reading through your partner's work:

Do you understand what your partner is trying to say?

Did you enjoy the piece? Why or why not?

Are there any grammatical mistakes that are easy to fix?

Are there any ways in which you could improve the writing?

Compare your partner's writing with the teacher's handouts. Do you see any of the same sorts of mistakes in the draft you were given?

When you have finished reading the work, make brief notes about the piece and discuss this with your friend (students are given 10 minutes for assessment and discussion). During the discussion decide which points are important and make notes of them for later reference. You will use this when writing your second draft.

5. Revision: Second draft

Students use the notes they made during the discussion stage to implement changes for a second draft. They are reminded to keep their audience in mind -- they are writing for their friends. They are then given 5 -- 10 minutes for the final revisions.

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(Teacher explains) Now that you have finished your second draft, I have another surprise for you. I am going to have a small competition. I'm going to choose the best three stories. These will be read in class during our next session, and students will have the chance to vote for their favorite. The winner will then be given a reward.


Term Paper on Teachers Assess Only the Final Assignment

(Teacher says) Okay, today we have learned about several important things with regard to writing. For learning how to write, the most important thing by far is that you should enjoy it. If you don't enjoy your learning experience, it is likely that you also will not learn very much. So I am here to be your partner in your learning experience, and make it as enjoyable as possible.

The second important thing that we addressed is the fact that writing is a process. This is why we read through and revise our writing in class. Your friends can help you revise your work. Your teacher's comments are only a small part of the whole writing process.

Thirdly, it is also important to understand that you are almost always writing for an audience. From your letters to a friend to college and job applications, you are always writing for somebody else. It is important to keep this in mind, especially during your final drafts of writing. A good idea in this case is to give your writing to a person on the same level as the people you are writing for. In today's lesson the audience is your classmates and myself. The point of the exercise was to get you used to showing your work to someone else for the purpose of revision. Revision and editing are two of the most important stages of writing.

Now I would like you to think about the following questions in order to help me make your future writing classes more enjoyable and effective.

Do you feel that you learned anything new about writing today?

Do you understand the importance of the audience in writing?

Do you feel more confident with your writing skills now that you are aware of the stages that writing requires?

Did you enjoy today's writing session? Why or why not?

Do you have any suggestions for future writing sessions?

Students are allowed a brief time to discuss these questions among each other and with the teacher. Questions are then considered at home for discussion during the next session. Students are also made aware that writing submitted for the competition is not necessarily the final draft and that improvements are possible and necessary on a continuous basis.

The concept of audience can be developed further for future writing sessions. Academic writing, letters of application, and letters of complaint are some of the possibilities that can be addressed in further writing sessions.


Writing education is many-fold, as is the nature of writing itself. The above lesson was designed to make students aware of the fact that writing does not entail only one, finished draft. In order to truly have effect, a written document needs several revisions before it can be submitted to the audience. Students were then made aware of the concept of the audience, as well as the fact the writing could be both effective and fun.

In terms of assessment then, the submitted documents are scanned for the quality of revision as well as audience awareness. The teachers' comments will focus on revision and audience issues rather than the grammatical errors themselves. This will help students to become aware of the revisioning process and how this can help improve their writing. An empowering function is furthermore entailed in the revisioning lesson, as students learn to correct their own and their peers' mistakes. Ultimately everybody's writing is improved in this way.

An assessment of the submitted documents will then reveal how effective the lesson was in both the aspects of revision and audience awareness. Answers to the questions above will reveal whether students have experienced… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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