Term Paper: Teachers' Expectations Prospectus

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[. . .] It also takes away their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Methodology and Procedure review of the literature on teachers' expectations and students' performance will be conducted. A survey approach and quasi-experimental methodology will be used for this study. The following specific procedures will be applied.

Research Design

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of teachers' high expectations on students' academic performance. To determine the connection between these two variables, teachers' expectation and students' performance, the researcher needs to choose and apply the method of inquiry that best fits to the research question. There are two modes of inquiries available to the researcher; the quantitative and qualitative modes of inquiry. The qualitative research methods are designed to help researchers understand the meanings people assign to social phenomena and to explain the mental process underlying behaviors. The hypotheses are generated during data collection and analysis, and measurement tends to be subjective.

To examine the causal explanation and to establish the idea that the teachers' high expectations influence the students' academic performance, the researcher will utilize the quantitative method. The researcher believes in the quantitative technique which is based on the sampling and structured approach as the most appropriate and reliable method for this study. Since the true experimental method is simply not always possible in this study (say why), the quasi-experimental mood of inquiry will be applied to the population. (explain this a little further)

Sample Selection

The population for this quasi- experimental research will consist of all students from the 9th and 10th grades that have enrolled for the fall 2003-2004. Twenty teachers from three different academic departments are selected for the survey.

Data Collection Methods

Since the study examines the effect of teacher expectations on the Latino students' academic performance the bulk of data will be gathered from the teachers and the students' academic activities. A survey will be conducted to determine whether the teachers' expectations have any impact on students' overall performance. A questionnaire with ten questions with the answers arranged on the Likert scale- strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree, disagree will be given to the teachers. The teachers' response for each choice will be marked and organized in a statistical table. The researcher utilizes the quantitative method in order to quantify the respondents and develop a statistical table.

The researcher randomly selects two classes (one class from 9th and one from 10th grade) and applies the assignment equally to the groups. The teacher conducts both classes during the same time period and uses the same textbook, and examinations for the students during the fall semesters 2003-2004. (you need some detail here. What is the assignment? Are you then using the examination results as your measure of academic achievement? What kind of examination is this? Give some indication of what kind of scores you will have for the students)

Data Analysis Procedure two-tier approach will be used to interpret and analyze the data. The first tier is related to the teachers' questionnaire: the data will be analyzed (give some indication of what statistical tests you will use to do this) to determine whether the teachers support or reject the idea that their high expectations influences the students' academic performance.

The second tier is related to the students and the quasi-experimental method: the selected students are tested before and after applying the program. The mean of each group is computed and the mean scores are compared using the t-test.

Now you need to indicate how you are making the correlation between teacher expectations and student performance, i.e. how are you relating 1st tier to 2nd?


The ideal timeline for this research project is estimated at two months for block I (Literature Review), four months for block II (Completion of the Proposal) and four months for block III (Dissertation).


Most of data will be collected from EBSCO http://search.epnet.com,


LIRN http://lirn.net/auth

Education World: http://www.education-world.com / www.google.com


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