Teaching Mathematics to Elementary Students Essay

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¶ … Mathematics

Major Mathematical Concepts:

One of the greatest challenges in mathematics education is in reaching students who are otherwise detached from the discipline. Many students find arithmetic instruction dry, unyielding and remote from their daily needs. The mathematical concepts which drove the focus of this course are an ideal response to this issue, providing us with a background in many of the most applicable areas of discipline. Namely, the focus of this course on those aspects of the subject which tend to apply across disciplines means that as instructors, we will have myriad creative ways at our disposal to incline student enthusiasm.

In areas of consideration such as measurement and probability, which would occupy much of our focus, we had the opportunity to learn methods for the numerical representation of concrete ideas. Both subjects are intended to provide instructors with a variation of ways to approach quantifying observations, evaluations and predictions. Data analysis, consequently, should be instructed in such a way as to facilitate interpretation of these numerical representations. Geometry is a field unto itself insofar as it begins to connect these quantifiable representations to objects, shapes and the notion of spatial reasoning. In addition, this aspect of math education demands abstract reasoning and problem solving, demonstrating the cross-over between mathematics and other disciplines or areas of cognitive training.

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Concepts Relevant to Professional Instruction:

Essay on Teaching Mathematics to Elementary Students Assignment

To this end, a central concept is that concerning the instigation of student interest. To this point, we consider that project-orientation is an effective way to encourage inclusive class participation, idea application and the pursuit of identifiable goals. In elementary school, it is appropriate to begin to create group project structures in which students apply these mathematic principles to real life situations. For instance, probability lessons might be centered on projecting sporting event outcomes or geometric projects might center on such fun departures as an origami lesson unit. Ultimately, by demonstrating the real-world applications for students, such projects not only arm students with an ability to conceptualize important life skills but they will help the instructor to avoid the historically persistent student plaint that 'I'm never going to need to know this stuff.' By bringing the student into a subject by inducing personal association, it is possible to help bridge some psychological limitations to math interest while simultaneously engaging learning interests. (Salend, 1)

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