Business Proposal: Team Building Activity

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[. . .] Invite the representative to end with a few to thank participants for their donations and to reiterate the benefit of gift-giving to those in need in the community.


This team building activity will provide an opportunity to improve skills in the following areas:

Team Interaction:

recognize and respond to leadership skills among members learn what skills and talents each member brings to the table interact in an informal, non-judgmental setting improve adaption and flexibility


give and receive feedback in positive light strengthen ability to accept change, group consensus cultivate attitude of constructive criticism adopt or improve active listening skills work toward resolution of conflict


understand cultural values, people and communities grow in team confidence and trust encourage support and mutual respect


work together to reach goals in positive atmosphere encourage innovation and creative approaches toward goals establish leadership to clearly state goals and delegate tasks fairly assure group participation through recognition of talents and gifts


Advertising managers, faced with an ever growing culturally diverse population including those in the customer base as well as those in the workplace, appreciate the strength that diversity of skills, perceptions, and insights can bring to a company. Differences among co-works can be brought together in a complementary way to accomplish a wide variety of tasks to be completed during the work week. The strengths of one employee can address a particular challenge in a way that another's talents cannot.

However, wide diversity among staff members, left unaddressed, can present an employer with an unwanted headache. Differences can sometimes cause fear, anxiety, or insecurity within a group. Cultural differences, especially, can solicit reactions like these due to unfamiliarity. An example of differences among cultures is expressed by anthropologist Edward T. Hall in his book Beyond Culture. He classifies cultures into two general categories of 'low context,' and 'high context.' For Hall, a 'low-context' culture is one that focuses more on the individual figure or a specific circumstance. European and American cultures fit into this category. In contrast, a 'high context' culture puts more emphasis on things like community, tradition, honor, and respect. Cultures that fit this category include Arabic, Asian, and Indian. Having two members on a team from each of these two types of cultures could produce basic misunderstandings in communication or understandable differences of opinion. While one member seeks to close a transaction quickly, the other may want to supply a more complete presentation, thinking more of the long-term benefit.

An employer can reduce these tensions through team building activities that place employees in a non-threatening, relaxed atmosphere to give participates an opportunity to simply get to know one another better and to improve or practice skills in communication and respect. Activities, like the gift-giving activity described above, can offer members of a group the chance to establish familiarity and respect for one another in a way that may not be possible through everyday business. A team-building activity can be accomplished without threat to one's position or current business goals. It puts co-workers in a working but fun environment that allows one to "let their hair down," so to speak, in order to strengthen relationships. Activities that help build trust provide a crucial step in the development of a team-spirit, which is fundamentally different than a mere "group" that has no significant bond or common goal. Building a team among a culturally diverse group is complex and takes time. One activity is not enough for members of the team to recognize, evaluate, and respond to Cultural differences in things like perception, communication, and goals; however, team-building activities can offer one facet of a well thought out, comprehensive approach to increasing cohesion for a culturally diverse work place.


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