Team Communication an Interdisciplinary Research Paper

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(Wacker, 2010) Ineffective communication within team can lead to an in appropriate treatment and management of an individual causing harm both to the patient and the community.

An effective communication between the nurse and the patient and its family is particularly important. It not only the patients who are affected by terminal illness but this leave a great impact on the family as well. The patient and his family should be involved in decision making for end of life care, education should be provided about the disease and its outcome, assist family of the dying patient to make decision and update patient regarding the current situation. Accurate information should be delivered. In order to gain patients trust and assurance the interdisciplinary health care team should work in collaboration and involve patient and his family with decision making. (Wacker, 2010)

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Research Paper on Team Communication an Interdisciplinary Team Assignment

Appropriate Communication is one of the most essential parts of an interdisciplinary team. There are two modes of communication, First is Verbal and second in Written or Non-Verbal both are in turn affected by the social and cultural factors. A Verbal or an oral communication is what is delivered in form of words, speech, presentation, discussions, educational program along with body language. While a Non-verbal communication is in form of facial expression, movements of eyes or body language. Effective communication is required between the health professions in order to have an exact diagnosis, identify any physical or emotional disability or distress, to reduce patients stress and anxiety and to provide him full satisfaction and to achieve patients cooperation and compliance. In order to improve the communication skills among health professionals there should be more convenience and openness among them, understanding and appreciation, respecting mutual views and satisfaction, organization and orientation. (Grech, 2012). Verbal communication between the nurse and the patient involves listening calmly to what ever the patient have to say, answer his queries in the best possible way, listen carefully and attentively, create emotional bond with patient and maintain patient privacy rights. It is important for the physician to respect patient and his family opinion before performing any procedure Non-verbal or written communication can be achieved by providing written material to educate the patient and his family, encourage question answer sessions, single page medical record form.(Wacker, 2010)

What does this person/team think is the most important take home message about communication?

The successful communication between the health professional and the patient is achieved by avoiding too elaborated or too concise explanation about the health condition, using too much technical language which patient does not usually understand, lack of concern and understanding towards the patient and should convey message without being judgmental and be optimistic about the condition. Communication is a key for a working member to function as a team. (Grech, 2012)

Good communication in an interdisciplinary or any other system can remove cultural and language barriers between members of the team. Efficient communication can result in reducing the chances for mistakes, improve the work productivity and causes the smooth running of system If a good communication set up is achieved it will result in members of the team to understand and respect each other, avoid competitions and allow them to work together in harmony. The manager of the team communicates with other members in a positive manner resulting in a productive, positive and a healthy work environment.

Millions of people are affected by life threatening diseases like Cancer and HIV throughout the world which results into great financial and psychological crisis. With the palliative care a cost effective treatment and support of such individuals is achieved in order to improve their quality of life. Communication and collaboration among the members of Interdisciplinary team leads to provide an individual with comfort in the last stages of life. This team involves not only those working on HIV and Cancer but also those health professionals managing chronic illnesses. Main purpose of this team is to provide an individual with an active life till death.

How is this different from communications in the acute care setting?

Communication in an Acute Health Care system limits the outbreaks of disease conditions like influenza. With the collaboration and cooperation among the members of the team the immunization and surveillance of high risk individuals and their contacts are done, patients with influenza like symptoms are isolated; those with respiratory illnesses are discouraged to visit the hospital and treatment of patients affected with the virus is done to avoid the spread of infection. (Salgado et al., 2002)

What communication strategies will you be able to use in your daily practice?

Such communication skills and strategies when applied in daily life among the individuals, family, groups and in every clinical practice, it can result in a highly organized, healthy and prosperous community. As whole the efficient working of interdisciplinary team members in a health setup has proved to be cost effective and a source of satisfaction for the patients bringing them best possible outcome.


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