Team Is a Small Collaborated Term Paper

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The team leader was able to counsel a member who was trying to dominate the group that all the views of the other should be evaluated to achieve the team goals. With the intervention of the team leader, the team was able to arrive at a successful solution revealing that the influence of a leader is very important.

Influence of a Leader

Influence of leadership is very important within the team. A leader should have ability to intervene if there is a problem within the group. One of the functions of a leader is to prevent dominance of a member of the group, and a leader should ensure that everyone within the group contributes constructively. 5 Quick 1992). Within our team, the leader exhibited democratic leadership style because he allowed everybody to contribute, and allowed the problem-solving step to resolve problem manifested within the group. The step taken by the team leader to produce better result is to "embrace the person's concerns. Listen so intently and repeat back what you've heard so accurately that the person feels he/she has been heard. Ask questions that test assumptions, reveal biases, and bring out important data." (University of Wisconsin-Madison 2007, P 8). With the performances of team leader, the group has demonstrated effectiveness.

Effectiveness of the Team

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Our team was very effective because everybody within the group was able to contribute effectively to achieve the team objectives. For example, all the engineers within the group were able to design the effective oil spill cleaning apparatus to clean the oil spills, and a Geologist within the group was able to use his knowledge to advise the group on the best method to design cost effective oil cleaning machine without causing environmental hazard. In the end, everybody in the team was assigned a role based on the individual experience and educational qualification. With effective communication, problem was erased in the team and the team was able to accomplish its purpose.

Contribution of Communication to Cohesiveness

Term Paper on Team Is a Small Collaborated Assignment

Communication has been able to enhance cohesiveness within the group, and the team leader ensured that there were multiple interactions to enhance cohesion. Typically, there was no break of communication in the group and technology affected the communication effectiveness. To enhance effective communication, the team used the technology systems such as email, phone, face-to-face conversation and instant messaging to communicate. An effective method that the team used to communicate was through instant messaging, and the entire team member met twice in a week to discuss the solution. With effectiveness of communication, the team was able to reach a solution.


Goals, roles, ground rules and norms are very effective to accomplish a solution and solve a problem in a team. By defining a team goal, every member of the team will work towards the team goal, and will not divert from the team goals. Typically, norms are very important within the team. With laid down norm, team will follow laid down rules to accomplish the team goals. Assigning roles to each member of the team is also very important. This will make every member of the team to understand his or her role and this will make the team arrive at a solution.


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