Team Work and Team Spirit Term Paper

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The implementation and evaluation phases are post-solution phases, but important because they provide the actual practical test of whether the solution is properly functioning or not. We may have the case of a loop situation, when the theoretical solution that the parties have agreed upon is not the proper solution in practice and a new one needs to be negotiated.

There are perhaps several questions that may arrive from the conflict management process I have described here above. First of all, may we assume that such an extensive process will lead to an overall decrease in efficiency because the team members will deal more with the conflict management process than with getting their job done? Not necessarily, because the time that is spent dealing with a conflict may later be retrieved with an increased post-conflict efficiency of the group.

The second issues that may be bothering us is what happens when no appropriate solution is found for the conflict. In this case, we may believe that there are fundamental differences leading to the group conflict and may consider the fact that the group members are not compatible with one another. The team can be dissolved and then reorganized.

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In my opinion and from the article conclusions, communication is most important in team conflict resolution. The members of the team need to be able to listen to the others' ideas and arguments and fight the rationality to evaluate them and compare them to their own solutions. Further more, they need to be able to communicate their arguments clearly and reach an overall common agreement.


Term Paper on Team Work and Team Spirit Assignment

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