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It is at this point that they will evolve with new challenges and personalities of the various members. (Jones 2001)

A good example of this can be seen with observations from Jones (2001) who said, "Groups rarely remain as static entities. They may change over time in structure, activities, and membership in order to adjust to internal changes or external demands. For organizational groups in particular, changes in membership are frequent as current group members' move to other organiza- tional units or leave for other jobs. New members are added to work groups as new employees are hired, new skills become necessary to the group's functioning, or an employee is motivated to gain experience in a particular work group." (Jones 2001)

This is illustrating how teams are continually changing and evolving. Those who are able to most effectively address the needs of members will improve cohesion and the ability to work together. This is when there will be an increase in productivity. (Jones 2001)

Moreover, teams must have the flexibility to adjust and evolve with the various challenges / personalities. This means that everyone needs to keep an open mind and positive attitudes in the process. Those entities that have employees taking on more responsibilities see greater amounts of flexibility and cohesion. (Jones 2001)

This is because they can quickly adapt to a variety of situations and feel a sense of motivation to do more. The increased responsibilities are helping to give them the flexibility in adjusting their approach. Over the course of time, this leads to a willingness to go further and share their ideas with the firm. (Jones 2001)

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For example, at Google the company has a series of meetings that are focused on giving employees the responsibility for creating new products. The way that this is achieved is to offer everyone with benefits packages that are going above and beyond competitors. This allows the company to retain and encourage everybody to do more for the firm. (Girrard 2009)

Term Paper on Teams Over the Last Several Assignment

They will then increase the overall amount of responsibilities for each individual. The first area where this takes place is by sharing with executives their ideas for improving various products. During the process of developing new merchandise, any kind of insights helps to work out potential bugs and provide features that are in demand. This creates a situation where Google is the first to deliver cutting edge solutions for a variety of consumers. (Girrard 2009)

For instance, in 2009 Google was in the process of developing the Android. This was in response to the huge success that Apple was having with the I Phone. However, managers were concerned that the technology could become obsolete and wanted to offer features consumers more. To improve the ability to troubleshoot and address these issues, managers and employees began using these devices. Their responsibilities were to test them out and report possible challenges and strategies for addressing them. (Girrard 2009)

The results are that Google was able to create a product which is more user friendly and customizable. This has helped the company to begin marketing these devices and take market share away from Apple. As a result, executives are delegating greater responsibilities to employees in exchange for improved benefits. (Girrard 2009)

This is helping to develop teams by having individuals who are motivated to do more and embrace the practices of the company. The use of delegation is a part of the leadership approaches. That is designed to enhance motivation, productivity and provide a greater sense of on the job satisfaction. The increased roles, helps the person to feel as if they can be trusted and their ideas are more respected. At the same time, the enhanced levels of compensation prevents; the person from not having personal financial worries (which undermines their levels of motivation). When this happens, the individual is willing to do more and ensure that the quality of their work is of the highest standards. (Girrard 2009)


Clearly, the ability to delegate authority is a critical factor that is helping firm to increase productivity and the functions of staff members. At the same time, managers have more time to engage in other activities. In general, this approach has been used to enhance productivity at a variety of firms.

However, in order for any of these techniques to be effective, a new approach must be used that is taking into account a number of factors. The most notable include: setting the example, having strong communication and meeting the needs of employees. The combination of these elements will help to improve motivation and encourage everyone to do more for the firm.

When this is combined with the delegation of responsibilities, everyone feels as if their ideas are respected. This is the point that they will increase productivity and share any opinions they have with executives. In the future, this helps firms to become more competitive and effectively compete on the global stage. As a result, Google is an example of how these principles are being embraced to help them remain competitive and evolve with a host of challenges.


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