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One of my experiences where teamwork had been an important factor to achieve success was when my teammates and I, all of us hailed as representatives from different law schools, have to plan a conference, called Bay Area APALSA Conference participated by 9 law schools in the bay area. I held the responsibility of being an external VP which technically gave me greater responsibility, as compared to others, to lead the team and to ensure the success of the conference. We had 9 months to plan and prepare the conference and during that time, I was confident that having coordination and teamwork among ourselves can help us prepare in even just a few months time a conference that would be a success.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Teamwork One of My Experiences Where Teamwork Assignment

Before the team started its preparation for the conference, I had already anticipated that each of us will encounter different challenges at work. I for instance realized during the first few days of our team work that some of the team members possess condescending, tough, and egoistic personalities. Maybe this is due to the nature of the profession that all of us target, to become a lawyer and lawyers should be tough individuals. Hence, with such kind of personality, it seemed that no one in the team would like to become a "member." No one wants to be instructed or accept ideas and concepts from others. Instead, almost everyone wants to become the "leader" of the team. Being the VP of the team, I found this situation a great challenge. The question that popped to my mind then was how to lead such kind of individuals without demonstrating the same egoistic and arrogant personalities that they are; without implying "you must follow because I am the VP of this team." Rather, what I aimed then was "you will follow because you believe and respect in my leadership." managed to carry out several leadership strategies to overcome the challenges… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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