Technical Description of Pilot G-2 Roller Ball GEL Ink Pen Essay

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8 x 5.8 inches. The Pilot G-2 gel pen consists of parts: top and bottom sections of the barrel, soft grip, clip mechanism, spring, ink refill, top, and accent rings.

The Pilot G-2 offers several barrel designs and vibrant gel ink colors. The options for barrel designs for the Pilot G-2 include the original translucent barrel, the Fashion Collection, the Breast Cancer Awareness pen, and two business-oriented designs, the G-2 Pro and the G-2 Limited. The original design pen comes in black or blue plastic with a translucent hard plastic barrel, except where the black rubber grip and the retraction button are located.

The Pilot G-2 Fashion Collection features barrels with stylish floral design in a variety of colors. In this collection, black grips and clips indicate black ink, and colored grips and clips are associated with gel inks in coordinating colors. The Pilot G-2 Breast Cancer Awareness pen features a pink ribbon imprinted on the barrel, a pink rubber grip, a pink plastic clip, and is available with black ink or pink ink. The Pilot G-2 Professional Styles are available in two refined barrel designs that retain an effortless, light feel characteristic of the original G-2 barrel. The professional design G-2 pens are available with deep-toned metal barrels set off by sophisticated metal accents, a premium matte finish, and black rubber comfort grips. The clips and accents of the G-2 Limited are stainless steel, with six color options for the barrels and color-coordinated rubber grips.

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The model number of the Pilot G2 is G27-BLK. The Pilot G-2 is available in four different point sizes, 15 different gel ink colors, and a variety of barrel designs and colors that work well across any number of settings, from casual to professional.

The pen is available in packs of 4, 5, 10, and 12.


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