Case Study: Technological Advances of Today's Society

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[. . .] What makes sense for one company certainly wouldn't make sense for another just because it is within the same industry. Each business needs to understand it has an individual personality with individual needs that require individual solutions. In my opinion, intelligence as a principal is an individualistic concept and can only be measured within the limitations of one individual at a time but can manifest into a group intelligence. This basic construct of all interpersonal exchange seems to be the most appropriate model in any business solution.

Once a business develops a logical solution to accomplishing their missions and principle objectives, an effective maintenance of the plan becomes the third step of this process. Implementing the desired plan is something quite different from the plan itself. Information technology specialists tend to be more instrumental in this step. Management still needs to ensure that the implement stage is still corresponding to the appropriate understood goals. Strategic business requirements need to be met within this third stage, otherwise the process needs to begin again and changes will be necessary. This is the final step in a three-step process that is very important but is not as important as the other two steps. Preventive maintenance on hardware and other systemic requirements will help make this step a success. Additionally, new research and new ideas need to be consistently incorporated within any business intelligence plan. Sustaining and maintaining successes while analyzing and learning from mistakes remain a top priority and can only be accomplished when all involved parties realize this important step.

Overall business intelligence seems to me as a disguise for something else. The militarization of all sections of society appears to be the ultimate goal for those in control of society. Social constraints mixed with technological innovation has produced this idea that businesses are capable of waging war upon each other. Military intelligence, the inspiring concept for this particular notion, is based upon a different set of rules and different objectives than economic markets. An economic system should be for the society, it should not be continually destroyed and taken at all costs, a mentality seen in military affairs. The delicate balance that businesses and their responsibilities to the citizens is often ignored by initial wonderment and awe of technological advances.

Information is everywhere which means that disinformation is most likely everywhere as well. The importance of understanding the core or center of any particular individual or business will help in analyzing and choosing the right decisions for the particular situation. Information and its relative uses allow for companies to exploit this system for all it's worth. Communication is very important in having a baseline language and understanding of what needs to happen within any society, business or business intelligence system remains a top priority for managers and Information technology specialists that wish to carry on this idea for a more useful potential. Human nature has a tendency of proving to be more complex than anything it can artificially create. The speed at which computer processing continues to grow is remarkable, but I find it unlikely that machinery can ever fully replace the human mind. Business intelligence should not be understood as a panacea, rather a useful tool that is a temporary fix to a current situation where technological advances and the human understanding of them do not quite align for a greater purpose. The business intelligence enterprise will most likely flourish and maintain its success in some fashion. This success should be understood as being temporary and not the total solution to any problem. Businesses and markets inherently are based upon change and the ability to adapt to change, and business systems need to be able to change that quickly if they want to remain competitive and produce results that management and information technology specialists would consider to be successful and worthwhile.


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