How Social Media Is Changing Marketing College Essay

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Red Bull used X-Games and alternative sports as a launch pad for its energy drink and used a kind of grassroots marketing strategy that incorporated place into its design as well because the company did not want to compete against the big soda makers by going right into grocery stores; consumers had to find Red Bull in special venues first—and then once the brand was established and a following gained, the company expanded its place. I thought all of this was very informative.

Probably the most surprising thing that I learned is that every product is going to be obsolete at some point, and marketers have to be aware of that—and they should even plan for it, as Lawing (2018) points out. This is actually kind of frightening because it makes me think that businesses are engaged in planned obsolescence just so they can take advantage of product life cycles. I am still not sure about how all of this works or what it really means for society in general, so I would like to learn a little more about it before making up my mind as to whether it is good or bad.

Consumer Power and Changes in Technology

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I do see the rise of consumer power through evolving changes in technology as being a big game changer in the world of marketing. Just look at how influential social media has become in the past few years, for instance. People are on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp, and a dozen other platforms, sharing information instantly with followers all over the world. News can go viral in a matter of minutes now, whereas before it took at least a few days or hours. Now, “breaking the Internet” is a real phenomenon—so it is much harder for a company to control a narrative or even to market its products in a virtual world where consumers have so much access to information and can communicate with another and share information so quickly.

College Essay on How Social Media Is Changing Marketing Assignment

And as consumers are going to be sharing information before they make purchasing decisions, the power of social media is something that marketers must really get into. I look at Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a great example of someone who has tapped into the power of social media to help market his cars, his brand, and his idea of sustainability. Musk uses Twitter to convey ideas about how he can help the world with his products. He drops links to articles that are meant to inform consumers on how electric vehicles can save the environment and change the future. He is using social media not just to market his consumers but to inform them—which is actually a kind of marketing strategy: by educating people as to why they should be interested in your product, you are creating the want or need in the consumer.

But that, of course, gets back to what Galbraith said about the marketer creating an artificial want in the consumer. So maybe that is what it all comes down to. Nonetheless, marketers should really take note of how social media especially has changed the game. Of course, other forms of digital marketing that rely on Big Data and data warehouses to process information about who is shopping where online and what types of ads they are likely to respond to—all of that is going to change marketing, too. I am interested in the power dynamic that is going on, though, between the consumer and the marketer. Again, Musk engages with people on Twitter—consumers and critics alike—and thus puts a very human face on his company. This also could create interest in his products, so I am looking forward to seeing how technology changes the way we think of marketing in the coming years. I am especially looking forward to how standardized marketer’s use of social media becomes.

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