Technology in the Classroom the Hot Area Research Paper

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¶ … Technology in the Classroom

The hot area of technology nowadays, the computer, does require careful consideration about how to use it most beneficially in the classroom. Below, are the issues surrounding computer use.

The first thing that needs to be considered before even thinking about using the computer is training. Even the simple word, computer, strikes a key of anxiety in many individuals because of a fear of the unknown. Therefore, greater emphasis should be placed on training teachers to use computers effectively. At the least, courses on basic word processing skills and computer vocabulary should be offered. These simple lessons would ease the fears of many teachers. In addition, there should be courses on effective ways to use the Internet. Teachers have access to many valuable resources on the Internet, but if teachers are to use the resources, they need to know how. After offering training on these topics, schools should provide on-going follow-up support for their teachers.

Another factor to consider before using computers is the cost both for the school as a whole and for the individual students. Schools should develop long-term plans to budget more money for technology, in recognition of its potential benefits. So that computer use in the classroom could have on individual students.

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Once we start integrating computers into our classes, we often move beyond the matter of a school simply providing a piece of equipment such as a television or overhead projector. Instead, we start suggesting or expecting that each student have access to a computer at home. This puts many students at a disadvantage. On one hand, students with a computer at home can complete homework at their own convenience. However, those without such access must structure their study and homework schedule according to the school's limited computer cluster hours. That means they must do all their computer work, Internet research, writing, and revising of papers as well as reviewing any Internet images used in class all within the 1-2 hours after school.

Research Paper on Technology in the Classroom the Hot Area Assignment

Therefore, before any student is expected to use the computer for class assignments, the teacher should survey students to find out if they all have access to a computer and the Internet at home. While there are many exciting things a teacher could do with a computer, have a class website to post assignments, grades, and lecture notes, for example we're wary of letting these uses take over the classroom. They would definitely help those with access to computers outside… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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