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Fortunately, there is a learning curve. Effective coping with an initial crisis sequence often helps prepare an individual for positively responding to and for managing subsequent crises or trauma effects.

3. Effective listening is a key component in order to avoid misinterpretation of the point that others are trying to make. When people assume what others are saying before they finish, it leaves the door open for miscommunication and that cannot happen within a crisis.

Within a crisis, there is always stress involved because there is a sense of urgency and panic in the air. By this occurring, emotions are running high, which makes the stress level that much higher. Here are three ways to reduce stress in a crisis situation in a health care facility.

1. Take charge of the situation. This may sound simple, but during a crisis it is one of the most difficult things for a leader to do. In a medical emergency, the first step is to take charge of the situation. This is because people react favorably to direction and decisive leadership in such a situation (Martin).

2. Recognize what is happening. This means take responsibility by admitting up front to the situation. Therefore, it is not a good time to start blaming others for the crisis. This will only add more stress. A search for causes is relevant because it can contribute to solving the immediate problem (Martin).

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3. Confirm information before reacting. In a crisis, people should not overreact because it will only add to the stress. The first step is to identify the source or provenance of the information, ascertain its reliability and confirm it through observation or trusted report. After this, plan ahead with the options that are available. The crisis team should be involved in this process in order to alleviate the anxiety which results from uncertainty and mobilize their minds and hands. Therefore, keep them busy because busy people have much less energy to fret and start rumors (Martin).

Research Paper on Technology There Are Elements That Assignment

From there, a crisis communication plan has to be in effect in case of an emergency so that structure and order will overtake the panic and stress of the situation. From there, a crisis team must be intact in order for this to happen so that the people inside of the health care facility will be cared for properly. Therefore, a plan must be set in stone to have effective communication in a crisis.


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