Technology on Health Care Services Essay

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This development has had positive impacts on health care delivery because of its huge benefits.

Some of the major benefits of health information technology on delivery of care services include reduction of paperwork and workload of caregivers, enhancing administrative efficiencies, and expanding the affordability and access of health care services (Jamal, McKenzie & Clark, 2009). In addition, these technologies are effective in preventing clinical errors through the enforcement of care protocols and clinical guidelines.

Factors that Influence the Growth of Technology in the Health Care Field:

As technological advances have become common in the health care field, there are various factors that affect or influence in medical care. Some of these factors include:

Consumer Demand:

Innovation in the health care sector is influenced by consumer demand for better health care services as their need for such services increases as they become wealthier. This affects innovation in the health care sector because consumers seek for care that helps them to attain and maintain good health. Due to these demands, changes in medical technology are regarded as necessary ways to promote the consumer's health goals. The demand for the services is influenced by the enhanced awareness of the technologies through the media.

Health Insurance Systems:

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Innovations in the medical field are stimulated by health insurance systems that offer payment for new improvements in health care. The existence of these kinds of systems offers some assurance to researchers and medical suppliers that patients have adequate resources to cater for new products in medicine. Research and development in health care is stimulated by the need for health care insurance to provide a pool for medical treatments that can be expensive beyond the reach of many patients. The demand for health care insurance by consumers may be increased by the promise of better care through advancements.

Quest for Better Treatment Procedures:

TOPIC: Essay on Technology on Health Care Services: Assignment

The ongoing advancements in the health care sector are largely stimulated by the desire and quest by professionals in this field to find better treatment procedures for patients. As these professionals seek for improved treatment methods, there is an increased level of investment in science and research. The private and public investments in basic science and research result in either direct or indirect changes in medical practice.

Impact of Technology on Employee Performance, Organizational Structure and Management Planning:

According to the findings of research, the successful implementation of technological changes in an organization is partly dependent on the perceptions of how the changes will affect employees' jobs. Consequently, workers who perceive that the technological advancements will enhance their ability and productivity to perform their job tasks will be more than willing to adopt the technology. In most cases, the impact of technology on employee performance occurs in different ways including job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and job stress.

Since technological changes result in changes within an organization, they have a potential impact on job satisfaction. As an employee's job satisfaction is affected by technological advancements, their behaviors and performance towards organizational effectiveness is also affected. Due to its impact on an employee's job satisfaction and behavior, a technological change affect the employee's commitment to the organization.

An employee's commitment to the organization is normally dependent on his/her job attitude, which is affected by changes in technology. In certain cases, advancements in technology can result to organizational change that can be stressful to employees (Schraeder, Swamidass & Morrison, 2006). Therefore, it's critical to examine the relationships between employee stress levels and their reactions to technological changes.

Similar to many organizational change projects, technology changes have huge impacts on organizational structures and management planning. In most cases, these changes are successfully implemented when the organization's staffs feel a sense of ownership of the new direction. Technological changes result in different approaches in management planning since they require an open and participatory style of planning and decision-making. In order to implement the technological changes successfully, an organization's leadership is required to adopt an open and participatory management planning style to encourage a sense of ownership to the change by employees. In some cases, these changes may necessitate the need for the management to change its structure in order to support the change.


Technological changes have become an important aspect of modern society because of the numerous transformations it has brought. These changes have contributed to the delivery of improved health care services through various ways. These changes also contribute to huge impacts on management planning, organizational structure, and employee performance.


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