Technology and Healthcare Demographics Essay

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" For instance, almost all research points to the positive nature of a relationship between the caregiver and patient to aid in trust and healing. Telemedicine is meant to enhance care, not to diminish a relationship. Additionally, guidelines for privacy, ethics, and legal aspects must remain the same, only taking in to account a remote system and use of telemonitoring as a tool.

Part 4- Key resources in the adapting of telemonitoring would include the healthcare organization (a fiscal hard goods asset), physicians and nurses who would regularly use the system, patient buy-in, community buy in, and insurance reimbursement or coverage acceptance. This would be particularly necessary for overcoming the view that telemonitoring equals impersonal care. TM can also be associated with a personal and "high-touch" provider-patient relationship. This is possible because society needs not accept that medical technology is singularly responsible for the changes that occur within the patient-doctor relationship. Nor do we need to accept that advanced technological systems (machines, tests, etc.) have any focused bearing on the type of patient conversation that should be expected (Bauer in Luppicini and Addell, 2008).

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Part 5 -- To implement the system would require a strong leadership and networking role with administration, healthcare advocates, physicians and nurses. The best way might be to help establish a culture that would support the system through an educational/information-based program. . For home use, for example, wireless sensor nodes collect vital health parameters from the body of the patient. The data from the sensor nodes is then sent to a personal server that is worn or kept near the patient. The data from the personal server is monitored, and may be examined by a doctor for further diagnosis. The data can also be sent to a at home server and then transferred to a healthcare network through a modem or the Internet (Teo, et al., 2008).

Essay on Technology and Healthcare Demographics of Assignment

Part 6 - Using TIGER Informatics, a telemonitoring system would require basic computer literary and competency, as well as the ability to troubleshoot networking and modem issues. Use of data and HIPPA requirements would be met by meeting Health Level Seven Information Management guidelines. To use the system in a complete and robust manner, though, patients would only need to be trained on Modules 1, 2 and 7; Healthcare users would require Modules 1, 2,3,5 and 7 (TIGER Informatics Final Report, 2009, p. 2-4)


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