Technology in Healthcare Essay

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Most important, perhaps, is the fact that electronic databases could be perceived to compromise patient confidentiality. Nevertheless, it is the combination of factors mentioned above, along with the unique nature of the profession, that creates a collective barrier that keeps professionals from moving forward at the same pace as their peers from other professions.

Unerty, Johnson, and Lorenzi (2011), on the other hand, point out that these barriers can be overcome to reveal highly useful applications for information technology systems at hospitals. Specifically, the authors focus on information exchange systems among hospitals and healthcare settings. The authors reveal that a highly effective system of exhange is possible not only among different hospital settings, but also among the different departments within a single hospial by using information systems. By improving communications among professionals working within the hospital setting, leaders can also effect better service to patients making use of the hospital's services.

A further issue healthcare leaders need to take into account is public involvement in the assessment of not only healthcare settings and quality of service, but also in terms of the technology applied in these settings, as suggested by Gauvin et al. (2011). The study suggests that the public remains reluctant or at least ambivalent regarding involvement in matters of assessment. Nevertheless, for a service such as healthcare, which is a very public and very important service leaders may consider using technological techniques to encourage the public to become involved.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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In conclusion, it is clear that technology and its implementation in the healthcare setting remains a challenging issue. Still, this should not deter healthcare leaders from continuing work and research in this regard. Indeed, it is somewhat encouraging that research in his field continues to expand. The fact that healthcare is such an important and expansive field suggests that this is one of the most important IT development fields in the world. Communication exchange among patiens, professionals, and entities, for example, can be facilitated greatly by using information technology. Leaders in the field therefore need to encourage both implementation and further research in the field to ensure that both medical professionals and patients derive optimal benefits from the technology available and still in development today.


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