Technology to Improve Reading in Ese Middle Research Proposal

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¶ … Technology to Improve Reading in ESE Middle School Students

Students that require Exceptional Student Education (ESE) often lack the technological assistance they need to help them excel at reading. Therefore, this dissertation proposal will explore the factors contributing to the lack of use of effective and appropriate reading-related technology for special-needs students. The focus of the study will be ESE students at the middle school level, as this is a critical transition period that requires special attention. A reading proficiency test (TBD), along with an extensive literature review, will be employed in order to determine the best practices for enhancing literacy achievement through the integration of technology in a special-needs learning environment.

Significance of the Study

This study is significant because it will help to fill a gap in the current scholarly literature regarding the use of technology to improve reading for special needs middle school students. While there are currently numerous studies available on technology and its usefulness in helping traditional students read better, there is a need for more information on the unique population of middle school ESE students.

Statement of the Problem

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ESE students do not always receive the quality of education they need to help them become proficient readers. Studies have shown that modern technological advancements such as specially designed reading software/websites, smart boards, listening devices, i.e. pre-recorded audio reading instructional tapes/cds, and teacher/student interactive hand held learning devices enhance reading proficiency in ESE students. However, not all educational institutions employ these devices, either due to lack of funding or a lack of knowledge about how to use them and/or just how useful they can be. It is the latter group that this study will address, as funding issues create an entirely different topic.

Research Questions

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Technology to Improve Reading in Ese Middle Assignment

RQ1. Do ESE middle school students who receive advanced reading technology training score better on a reading proficiency test than comparable students who do not receive technological aid.

RQ2. What technologies are appropriate to use to improve special-needs students' academic skills at the middle school level?

RQ3. How closely do the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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