Technology and Logistics Case Study

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The 802.11 wireless standard and protocol ranges in speed and depth from the 802.11 standard which, at the time, ranged from 11 megabits per second to 54 megabits per second (McCarthy, 2002; Teschler, 2002). Since then, the standard for 802.11 has reach N. And AC levels with speeds sometimes exceeding Gigabit wired Ethernet standards.

Last on the docket is the test case of the food service and delivery industry. The example used in the source for this report is U.S. Foodservice in Topeka, KS. The company had to react to an E.Coli outbreak that required the quarantining of the greens and such there were on site. Whilst that was going on, U.S. Foodservice used logistics and information technology in concert to track affected and possibly affected product until the recall was complete and shut down due to the scare being over. This included the use of voice-directed handling technology in the Topeka location. These voice-directed equipment pieces came in the form of very lightweight wearable computers. These computers could be used to prod and nudge employees that were doing wrong or getting bogged down with items that were not priority-driven in nature. Indeed, this allowed the organization to stay on task and remain "mindful" of the progress that they had achieved and needed to achieve. When it comes to a project like this that took place over an entire month, such consistency and performance is important and vital (Cross, 2007).

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TOPIC: Case Study on Technology and Logistics Assignment

It will remain to be seen just to what levels technology will allow logistics and companies to go in the coming days, weeks and years. To be sure, companies need to be very careful as technology in the hands of incompetent and unknowledable people can lead to major problems. The glut of undelivered packages last Christmas by FedEx and UPS is one example and so are the data breaches at companies like Michael's, Home Depot and Target. However, general deliver logistics is much lower risk although it is certainly not risk-free. Thus, it is important for any company of large size to be very careful with the intricacies and complexities of logistics and this is especially true for any firm that operates on a global level. Also important, even when only speaking of technology, are cultural and societal differences not to mention legal problems and protectionist rhetoric or practices. However, any adept company that has the proper people and operations in the area should do fine in general.


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