Term Paper: Technology and Project Management

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[. . .] Buxton Hall

The Buxton Hall project was successful. Although there were compromises on the scope of the project, such as the reconditioning of some of the exterior walls, the project was successful in terms of its schedule and budget which were more important than achieving top quality in this case. The best practice that allowed for the successful completion of the project was likely the way the team handled compromises. Although the team did experience some conflict, they were able to make compromises to keep the project moving along.

A Day in the Life

Rachel seems to make very effective use of her time and has an incredibly demanding schedule. Nearly every aspect of her daily schedule is focused on something productive. Furthermore, Rachel must multitask constantly as she bounces from one project to another or from one aspect of a project to another. It seems like it would be difficult to keep all of the information that she acquires throughout the day in context. A day in the life of a project manager seems like it could be incredibly hectic at times and require a great deal of attention to details as well as effective personal time management to handle the jobs requirements.

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