Technology for School Administrators Expertise Essay

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Technology for School Administrators

"Expertise in technology

has become an essential administrative prerequisite"

(Donlevy, 2004, ¶ 3).

Technology for School Administrators Principles/Approaches

To monitor the success of students in the learning environment, as well as align the student curriculum, instruction, and assessment processes, school administrators need to be experts in contemporary technology. In regard to technology for school administrator's principles/approaches, as the introduction for this study segment alludes: "High Performing Leaders plan and implement the integration of technological and electronic tools in teaching, learning, management, research, and communication responsibilities" (Florida educational & #8230;, 2005, p. 2). The use of technology for the school administrator constitutes a routine part of the daily protocol, as the researcher learned from this particular study. With the use of technology, the school administrator can better encourage effective student performance clarify learning expectations, and implement feedback measures to ensure participants' in the educational process.

II. Technology for School Administrators Information

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In consideration of information regarding technology for school administrators, the researcher learned that in this area of educational administration, a set of common standards for principals, as well as most all other formal leadership positions in education, remains conspicuously absent. In response to this primary void, even though differences in leadership that correspond to roles do exist, the central aspects of the role are basically the same for all school leadership positions (Interstate school… 1996). Along with numerous strategies currently being utilized to enhance the quality of leadership in the educational arena, extensive work on revising preparation programs for prospective and school administrators is currently in progress.

Essay on Technology for School Administrators Expertise in Technology Assignment

Future school leaders have to be better-prepared for modern administrative roles and possess technology skills. They must also command a wide understanding of the various ways technology may be effectively applied throughout the schools. Consequently, as the quote introducing this study asserts, it is now vital that the school administrator possess expertise in technology (Donlevy, 2004). As teachers tend to readily participate in areas they consider meaningful, the school administrator's leadership may provide essential ingredients to empower the teacher, along with him/her self to engender a meaningful, decision-making model relating to effective implementation of technological tools (Rafoth & Foriska, 2006).

III. Technology for School Administrators Generalization

Susan McLester of Technology & Learning relates one particularly potent generalization regarding the technology for school administrators. "As more than a few of us have observed," Mclester points out, "it is not unusual for students to possess the highest degree of knowledge, competence, and confidence when it comes to computers and the Internet, while the superintendent possesses the least (Mclester, as cited in Donlevy, 2004, ¶ 2). In an age of rapid change, technological tools traditionally affect the lives of those in education in numerous significant ways. Simultaneously, however, the technology consigns new obligations on school administrators.

IV. Technology for School Administrators Questions

Potential research questions relating to technology for school administrators could explore an underlying assumption relating to and technology tools common to information-age professionals. Queries could investigate whether school administrators are competent users of technology tools and information (Donlevy, 2004).

V. Technology for School Administrators Perspective

As the researcher examined the perspective of technology for school administrators, the knowing came to light… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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