Technology Underlying Healthcare Information Essay

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At West Oak Lane in Philadelphia, there is a facility that offers services to senior citizens regardless their ability to pay. The facility is equipped to find healthcare services for the patient and to make sure that they have the means to get there. One of the highlights of the service is that operators can assist the patrons with organizing their healthcare visits so that the patient does not have to worry about when they will need their next appointment or with whom (PCA Cares, 2012). The service works with local healthcare providers to ensure that the seniors it serves are able to receive the healthcare services they need. Also, the center can help the patients take their medication in a timely manner, and make sure that they are taking the right ones (PCA Cares, 2012).

The main part of this system is the information that the center receives from the various healthcare organizations, so that they can all help the consumers with their healthcare needs. The information technology allows the center to organize all of the information into one central location so that the senior has it when they need it. The complication is that there are generally several different places that the organization gets information from, and this must be organized properly in the patients file.

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New initiatives are being put forward to make sure that there are warnings if information is entered incorrectly, and this needs to be in place at West Oak Lane. Unfortunately, there have been some minor incidents where seniors were mislabeled or medications crossed. A more advanced system would seek out errors and warn the operator about them.

3) Recommend actions that senior management could take in the community (west Oak Lane Philadelphia) in which you live to push the boundaries of information technology management

TOPIC: Essay on Technology Underlying Healthcare Information and Assignment

The primary proponents of healthcare information technology have been doctors and nurses who have used it in and have seen the benefits of the technology. Senior management needs to get on board and follow the lead of the people who actually work with the technology. An argument could have been made in the past that the technology was either not reliable or that it cost too much, but both arguments are moot now. The technology itself has come down significantly in price (Herrick, Gorman & Goodman, 2010) and it is much more reliable than it was previously. Even when the technology was relatively new, studies showed that it would save significant amounts of money over the long haul (Skinner, 2003). The systems have been improved and senior management could work with doctors and nurses to inform patients about the efficacy of the new systems. Also, they could introduce the technology at local health fairs.


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