In Technology World Essay

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Having to tradeoff and juggle between doing 'what's right' and 'what's relatively important' given the scenario is the key to long-term success.

Then comes the plague of ethnocentrism, which can run havoc for a multinational in today's globalized market place which is getting more ethnically diverse with each passing day, making ethical diversification a real challenge. Ethical organizational citizenship dictates that no culture be considered a basis for judging another culture; rather they should be understood with humility as what works for one country and culture might not work in another (Johnsosn, 2012).

Experience showed that being successful in today's world with ethics, morality, concern for multiple stake holders and humility is a lot tougher and cannot be achieved by having a rigid framework / business model. Key to success is adaptation and willingness to change according to situation but not losing sight of core values of doing well and bringing a positive change. Making tough choices and facing tradeoffs is inevitable but through careful strategy formulation, employment, governance and adherence to laws, both local and international, an ethically responsible business can be formed and sustained as well (Small Business - Chron. com, 2014).

Is there a common morality that peoples of all nations can share? Which of the global codes described in the chapter best reflects these shared standards and values? If you were to create your own declaration of global ethics, what would you put in it?

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Nations and cultures share many common moralities like humility, justice, freedom of expression and to improve one's state of being, regard for life forms and being considerate others life and property. Being human we share these codes universally to some extent, regardless of the area and culture we belong to. That is the reason companies expand from being local businesses to global forces because they recognize these common attributes of human society and build a culture that safeguards these codes within its confines.

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United Nations declared human rights and they too safeguard individual's and society's rights of improvement, freedom, co existence and survival. Since businesses are formed by people so it is expected by them to act according to these universal codes and their adherence to these also dictates to the extent they are being ethical in a globalized world.

Rushworth Kidder identified 8 core values, which encompass all the common grounds from love and consideration for others to freedom of action, self-improvement and from respect for all life to fairness of actions. In fact the list of 8 core values articulated by Kidder contains universal appeals as they are closest to human ethics and morality which is the reason their appeal seems natural.

Declaration of global ethics for businesses should have a clear roadmap and dictate what businesses have to achieve for community if it accomplishes a certain threshold of commercial success. In turn, government can subsidize taxes on specific locally sourced materials and resources. Such a declaration cannot be implemented without taking government on board but even without governmental support, businesses should form a policy of giving back to society when it reaches its goals. For instance, after a certain time period all manufacturing plants shall be transmitted to a local business or a partnership shall be formed with a local body/business to promote transfer of knowledge to host community.

Similarly certain incentives shall be given to corporations voluntarily doing good and striving for betterment of host society. These incentives can be in form of governmental alliance or some mutually beneficial alliance with a third local party. Additionally all of Kidder's 8 core values shall be made part of the declaration as they adhere to UN's universal human rights as no one code can fulfill requirements of a realistic world. So a tailored code that combines a mixture of few according to the circumstances is the best approach to successfully implement and promote ethical organizational behavior as one size may not fit all.


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