Vaping, Tobacco, & Teen Peer Pressure Essay

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Scenarios in Which Students May Feel Peer Pressure to Use Tobacco and Employ Positive Methods of Refusal

Essay: Teenagers, Tobacco, and Peer Pressure

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“Peers influence your life, even if you don't realize it, just by spending time with you. You learn from them, and they learn from you. It's only human nature to listen to and learn from other people in your age group” ( In a word, one can define peer pressure as the pressure exerted by a social group onto an individual, in a positive or negative manner. Teenagers need to receive training and preparation when they are young adolescents in regards to peer pressure so that they can spot it and be able to assert their autonomy. Otherwise, there is the danger that they will fall prey to peer pressure. This is particularly true with tobacco use. There are definitive times when students might feel a heightened sense of pressure to succumb to the pressure to use tobacco products. This Essay will examine those times and what young people can do in these situations.

Essay on Vaping, Tobacco, & Teen Peer Pressure Assignment

One major scenario where students might feel an intense pressure to use tobacco is when they are looking for what is known as “peer acceptance.” If a student is hanging out with a group of kids that he/she wants validation and acceptance from, and all those kids are smoking, it is very likely that the pressure upon the non-smoking individual will be rather intense. It can be very difficult to a young person to decline a tobacco product in such a case, if offered. Similarly, a situation where there is someone from the peer group that an (non-smoking) individual has a crush on, and that person is smoking, can also create intensified pressure on the non-smoking member. It’s important for adults to bear in mind that the pressure for peer acceptance is enormous on young people. In those cases, they need to have responses ready when peer pressure hits them in the face, so they are prepared. Sometimes the best response is the simplest one: “no thanks” or “I’m good.” Sometimes placing blame on a parent can also help, as many teenagers understand what it’s like to have authoritative parents. For example, saying things like “My mom goes psycho is she smells cigarettes on me” or “my dad grounded me the last time I smoked” can often help. Sometimes humorous responses work well, like “no thanks, I already stink” or “thanks, but I already puked this morning” can sometimes get a laugh out of the peer group and deflect attention.

One element that can help teenagers stand up to peer pressure is the relationship that they have with their parents. A close relationship with parents means that one’s parents are like invisible shields or lifelines that can help the individual be brave and stand up to the social influences around one. Experts advise that parents, “Foster a close and trusting relationship with your child from an early age, and support and encourage positive behavior” (, 2017). When teenagers really feel like parents have their back, that can prevent them from engaging in temporary behavior or acting out, because doing so would be against their shared values and independent thinking (Benitez, 2014).

In summary, peer pressure is a force that should not be underestimated as it can wield a powerful influence on a young person, particularly within the context of peer acceptance. In order to empower teenagers to stand up to these pressures, they must be prepared with ways of refusing tobacco products. This way they will be ready when the moment comes. Furthermore, parents need to foster a strong connection to their teenagers with an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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