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[. . .] Remember - the lower and slower the frequency - the less likely to achieve telepathy or other abilities that work in faster light. 3D appears to be as dull as it gets. Lovers definitely are more in tuned telepathically as being in love at that level is a very high frequency. This is not just about sex - though it is an aspect of it. Sexual activity is often telepathic in that one is responding to the needs of their partner on a higher level of expression.

Telepathy is also observed between family members or close friends since they learn to accommodate to each other's temperment. One person from every family, usually a female member is a person with psychic or telepathic abilities. This is especially true for mother's, who can tell when their children are in crisis of any sort. For example, when one is a state of chaos, the body reacts by increasing the flow of adrenaline and telepathy helps us to find the solution and also weigh the pros and cons.

Telepathic messages sometimes tell people about the death of a family member that is about to take place. This is where we become nervous and tension kicks in. The truth is that our minds are constantly thinking of telepathic situations but then we do not have the ability t acknowledge them all the time.

In humans, twins are said o be telepathic with each other because when they are in their developing phase and in their infant phase they are in the same frequency at the same time and learn to communicate with words. Telepathy between twins or family members can remain throughout our life.

Telepathy: Belief in Parapsychological Phenomena- A Comparison of Males to Females

Parapsychology is a subject who's definition is somewhat difficult to define. It could be described as a study that looks at unusual events that fall just short of what is accepted as the "normal" human experience. Dean Radin (1997) defines parapsychology as this: "A long-held, common-sense assumption is that the worlds of the subjective and objective are completely distinct, with no overlap. Subjective is "here, in the head," and objective is "there, out in the world." Parapsychology is the study of phenomena occasionally falling between purely subjective and purely objective. We call such phenomena "anomalous" because they are difficult to explain within current scientific models. The study and phenomenology of parapsychology is a widely popular area of study in today's society. Most people probably do not know the meaning of the term parapsychology but they probably would be familiar with it's components such as telepathy, precognition, and clairvoyance, and would take a stance regarding their belief in such phenomena. Much research has been done in the area regarding belief in parapsychological phenomena.

The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas: Why are we not telepathic?

Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century, a theologian and philosopher, was able to fine why human beings are not telepathic:

In the present life there are two impediments which prevent us from seeing each other's thoughts: the grossness of the body and the inscrutable secrecy of the will. The first impediment will be removed by the Resurrection, but the second will remain, and it is in the angels now. Nevertheless the brightness of the risen body will correspond to the degree of grace and glory in the mind; and so will serve as a medium for one mind to know another.

Thomas Aquinas

The body and our mind act as co-defendants because they cannot be responsible for blocking personal communication. It would be unfair to blame them from preventing us from gaining easy access to the thoughts and feelings of other people.

Therefore, it is not the body and the mind that are to blame; but the grossness of them. Aquinas does not say that the body cannot be used as an impenetrable shell in our thoughts. This means that one cannot know what another person is thinking because all the body is visible but it is impossible to go into one's mind. He also believes that the will forms a barrier between one person and all others because our thoughts and feelings are not hidden forever.

On the contrary, he also believes that in animals and humans, there is no communication without a medium. Aquinas believed that the human mind needs the body because through a body can the human mind acquire a world that it learns to understand. Unlike God and the angels, humans need to learn about the world, they need to acquire knowledge by working rally hard. This is best done in our social world, the world of other people through communication. Therefore, for communication of thoughts and feelings we need a body and a mind. Aquinas states that telepathy between humans involves communication that cannot take place independent of body and mind activity.

Also, one cannot have their own thinking without will, or without people who have their own preferences and make their own choices. Thoughts and intentions are not accidentally in someone's mind; they always belong to someone. The main problem about another person's mind is not about wondering what is going on inside the mindof another person but figuring out what they are capable of disclosing and willing to disclose.

However, in this world, our bodies and minds are in various ways distorted and unable to think wisely. The key phrase Aquinas uses is very significant: per grossitiem corporis et propter voluntatem claudentem sua secreta; as are the three traditional nouns gratia, gloria and claritas, which he adopts to characterise the body and the mind, as they could be if they existed in perfect harmony. The phrase, per grossitiem corporis, translated above as the grossness of the body, does not just mean 'fat'. It refers to all sorts of clumsiness and incompetence. Equally in our present sinful state, our wills are secretive. Saint Thomas talks of the inscrutable secrecy of the will. His phrase is voluntatem claudentem sua secreta; literally: 'the will enclosing its own secrets'. This secretiveness encompasses all sorts of deviousness and perversity, which render our behaviour dark and impenetrable, our sentiments confused and obscure. If we had bodies which were not gross and wills that were not inscrutable, we would be better both at communicating our own thoughts and feelings and at understanding the thoughts and feelings of others.

Aquinas believed that, in happy conditions, we are free from all of physical and spiritual imperfections. Aquinas sees between communication and morality as a door to a secure culture and good future, where goodness is welcomes and wickedness is closed. The two barriers to communication are namely, deceit and incompetence. We can hide from the reality by using lies and dishonesty and misguide people about what is going on inside us. At the end, we fail to communicate our real feelings.


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Annotated Bibliography

The articles used for writing this research paper are all clearly stated in the bibliography. These articles have all been used to write this paper because they contain not only scientific information but also information on how there is evidence for the existence of such a phenomenon and the various experiments carried out by scientists from previous generations till today. The information is reliable because most of the sites are from various universities and research centers or written by those who have the knowledge to tell us too. The main objective of this paper is to highlight the fact that this does not really exist but then there is evidence that proves to us that it does, it is one issue that still has a lot to be researched on. On reading the paper, I am sure the reader will be in a better position to understand what telepathy is and how much evidence is there to believe that it does or does not exist in this world that we live in..

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