Television Through the Ages and Genre Case Study

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Television Through the Ages and Genre

Television through the Ages & Genre

The classis television genre was best defined by the I Love Lucy show during the 1950's. Where, the star Lucille Ball, would consistently find herself in a number of different predicaments week in and week out. As a result, the show would set the standard for the television comedy genre going forward. To fully understand the impact that the show has had on various comedies requires comparing the episode Job Switching with a modern day comedy. To do this we will compare this episode with a modern television comedy genre (the Big Bang Theory). Where, there will be comparison of: the differences between I Love Lucy with the modern day comedy, an examination as to how it is different, how it is similar and discuss other observations. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights of the impact that I Love Lucy had on the modern day television genre.

Do you note any difference in the television comedy genre - from Lucy's day to contemporary times?

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One of the biggest differences is the overall role that both men and women have in the show. For example, in the episode Job Switching, it is about how Lucy and Ethel are finding jobs. While, Fred and Ricky decide to stay home and clean. ("Job Switching," 2010) This is different in comparison with the modern day television genre, as the traditional roles of the woman staying home and the man working have changed. For example, in the television show the Big Bang Theory the overall role of men and women is one where both sexes hold regular jobs, as well as participate in the traditional duties of the home. ("The Lunar Extinction Episode," 2010)

How does it differ?

Case Study on Television Through the Ages and Genre Assignment

The way that I Love Lucy differs with the modern day comedy is in the overall topics and materials that are discussed on the show. In the episode Job Switching, Lucy starts out by being overdrawn on her checking account and begins to cry when Ricky grows tired of her constantly bouncing checks. This is used to poke fun at Lucy as they show her as inept and unable to balance a check book. ("Job Switching," 2010) in the modern day comedy there is more of an emphasis on those issues and topics that are more relevant to modern day society. For example, in one episode of the Big Bang Theory two friends of Sheldon attempt to help him meet someone through… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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