Television and Child Literacy Term Paper

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Television acts like a mind-numbing drug depriving children of their imagination and their ability to engage in complex reasoning. It accustoms them to expect everything to be presented to them polished up and fully formed. Children who watch too much TV neglect many other activities in favor of watching television. They read less and interact less with those around them, in particular their parents or other adults. Television robs children of the power to discover their world for themselves, and instead feeds them an easily-digested pabulum, that all too many young people mistake for the reality of their existence. Television can be a help, and it can serve the purpose of providing innocent entertainment, but parents and teachers must make sure that children fully understand how to read. Even more importantly, they must ensure that children understand what they read, or else they shall forever remain imprisoned by the walls of the box.

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Term Paper on Television and Child Literacy Ever Assignment

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