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There are many potential ways to get an idea or script for a pilot to someone within Hollywood. Of these, likely the most effective is using personal contacts to get a script to someone in a position of power. In many ways, this is the oldest approach in the book, but it is also likely the most effective way to get your idea or script to someone of influence.

It may sound corny, but it is important to use personal contacts like a gym trainer, babysitter, supermarket cashier, friends and family to try to access someone inside Hollywood. The easiest way to do this is to simply tell everyone that you meet that you are looking for someone in Hollywood to read your script. It is important to make the script sound interesting, and to be friendly and likeable in order to make people want to help you get your script across to someone in Hollywood. Persistence is the key in this approach, as you will likely have to speak to hundreds of people before you find someone with a contact inside Hollywood.

There are also many agencies that can help to get a script to someone in Hollywood. While some of these may be legitimate businesses, it is important to know that many are simply con artists that take advantage of scriptwriters desperate to break into Hollywood. A quick search of the Internet reveals a number of these companies, including The Players Marketplace and So You Wanna Sell A Script (The Players Marketplace; So You Wanna Sell A Script).

In addition, an agent can be crucial in getting a script to someone in Hollywood. While it is often difficult to get an agent, this person can be crucial in getting the script into the right hands (Glatzer).

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Once someone in Hollywood accepts a script, it is not guaranteed that it will ever make it to the pilot stage. Many scripts languish for years at this stage before ever making it to the pilot stage. In many ways this reticence is understandable from the point-of-view of the people putting the money up to make your pilot. A pilot is an expensive undertaking, and the backers stand to lose money if the pilot is unsuccessful. As such, their decisions are often guided by financial concerns.

Term Paper on Television Show Onto the Air Assignment

This focus on the financial aspects of a pilot means that even an especially creative or interesting script may be rejected if the backers are not convinced that it will make money for them. Therefore, it is as essential to exert as much effort and time in making a script seem marketable as in making a script interesting and creative. A large number of potential pilots never make it past this stage, despite having an interesting concept, simply because their authors could not convince the backers that the pilots would make money.

Further, many scripts make it to a pilot stage and are never taken up by a network. Once a script is made into a pilot it is important to try and sell the script as vigorously as ever in order to get the pilot to air. A crucial component of this strategy is the producer, who will act largely on the behalf of the scriptwriters at this stage.

In conclusion, getting a television show onto the air is a difficult and time-consuming business. Creating a script is simply one of the first steps in a process that involves constantly selling a script, until someone in Hollywood produces a pilot from the script. Most people embarking on this task are destined for failure, but those who succeed are rewarded with seeing their vision come to life on the television screen.

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