Temperance Mrs. Kearney Faced a Dilemma Essay

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Mrs. Kearney faced a dilemma with respect to her daughter's performance and lack of pay. There was no clear indication that the contract with her daughter had been broken, but the stalling appeared to her as though it would. In this situation, she was faced with either allowing her daughter to be ripped off, or faced with her daughter's musical career ending. The musical career may or may not have had much future value. Mrs. Kearney's action scuttled any potential future for her daughter, however, for the sake of a few guineas and principleBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Temperance Mrs. Kearney Faced a Dilemma With Assignment

Mrs. Kearney, by virtue of her decision, had placed principle on a higher value scale than the money, either present or future. With respect to temperance, however, she did not display much calm. While there were certainly reasons to be concerned with respect to payment, the time and place for such discussions was not at the concert. There was an expected formality to such proceedings that was simply not followed. As such, the situation essentially became out of control for both Holohan and Mrs.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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