Term Paper: Tempest -- Act 2

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[. . .] There would be lots of tropical plants and trees, and perhaps even a tropical bird or two in the trees. However, to show the darkness underlying the scene, it would be set not in full sun, but in twilight, where the lighting would be darker, and more ominous, somehow. There would be storm clouds, and when Caliban hides from the storm, there should be lightening flashing, and thunder, and wind rustling through the leaves of the trees, making the island seem frightening and ominous. This scene is layered, and so the set should be layered too, which some areas that look like a beautiful paradise, and others that look more frightening. There could be a swamp or pond on the set that looked kind of slimy and muddy, where the characters could gather when they talk.

The costumes would be minimal, and what the three were wearing would show their status. Caliban might simply be wearing some kind of shorts or bathing suit, with bare feet and the cloak to hide him from the storm. Perhaps he would wear a hat or bandana on his head. Trinculo and Stephano would be better dressed. They would have polo shirts or t-shirts, better hats (maybe leather), and shoes of some sort that would be right on the island. They would look as if they had survived a shipwreck, but they would certainly look better than Caliban.

Caliban's props would include some sticks of wood, his cape, and that is about it. The other props would be the bottle or bota bag that the men drink from, and that is really all they need. The scene is really carried by the actors, rather than their props and scenery. The scenery and the stage can add to the scene, but this is an important scene that shows who these three characters are, and why they act the way they do, so it is more important that the actors be able to carry off the scene and connect with the audience, rather than relying on the set to create the real meat of the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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