Research Proposal: Tenets of a Classical Experiment

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Classical Experiment Design

New fertilizer product for vegetables

The necessary components for this experiment are two groups; one treatment and one control groups for the conducting of the experiment. Two researchers who will guide the two groups to plant vegetables in the exact same way except one with the treatment and one without will also be needed. Two different instructions will also be needed, one of how to plat vegetables in the proper manner, and the other how to plant vegetables in the proper manner using the new fertilizer.

In this context, the research question is will there be any significant improvement in the harvested quantities of the vegetables after the use of the new fertilizer as opposed to planting without the fertilizer?


The intervention of the application of the new fertilizer will significantly improve the quantity of the vegetables in the parcels that will be treated with the new fertilizer.


Subject selection

The geographical location that the classical experiment will be conducted will be selected since both groups need to be within the same geographical location to try and limit the effects of the variance in weather and climatic conditions as well as soil type. There is need to ensure that the parcels of land that will be subjected to the new fertilizer and those that will be under control have as similar geographical profile as possible.

The allocation into the treatment and control group will be random. There will be a total of one acre of land in both groups with four volunteers from both groups invited. Each volunteer will need to be having a quarter acre piece of land for the classical experiment.


There will be the random assigning of the experiment needs to the participants and they will all embark on planting the specific species of vegetables that will be provided by the researcher. The produce from both groups will then be weighed and an aggregate calculate at the end of the season for both the treatment team and the control team, this will be the pretest. Then the new fertilizer will be given to the treatment group with strict instructions on how to use and a research assistant to help in ensuring the indicated procedures in terns of the quantities, timing, method are… [END OF PREVIEW]

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