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Tennis shoes can be considered as a necessity for most forms of athletic activities. They constitute the main branch of athletic shoes directed towards sports. Shoes have been designed to suit different lifestyles over the years. This can be observed from the way tennis shoes have developed. The growth of sports as a business has necessitated regular athletic shoes to change into tennis shoes custom fitted to the different categories of sports. Tennis shoes are known by different names, depending on the country. Some of these include sneakers, gym shoe thakkies, joggers and sandshoes. Regardless of their name or variety, the primary purpose of tennis shoes is to ensure safety and comfort for those to use them ("The Forgotten Tennis Shoes History").

The year 1907 saw the advent of the tennis shoe design applied nowadays. The company who were working on this, attached narrow pieces of leather over the shoes in order to avoid back stretching. This form of manufacturing shoes has undergone several changes since then. According to Steele, the earliest tennis shoes were marketed in America on 1917. They were sold under the brand name "keds." The use of "k" in this word indicated that it was originally meant for kids. The rest of the term was similar to the term "ped" which means foot in latin ("The Forgotten Tennis Shoes History").

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A different kind of shoe was prepared for basketball in 1917. It was more like a high boot and was marketed as "Converse All Stars." This was marked on its ankle patch before its official name changed to "chucks." The increase in the popularity of tennis and other sports in general caused people to use them at other times as well. For instance people could wear tennis shoes during their coffee breaks between other activities. They could be used as an efficient alternative to other footwear. The relaxing interiors of tennis shoes worked perfectly during these leisure hours ("The Forgotten Tennis Shoes History").

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Tennis shoes were not that popular in their initial days. The period following the First World War saw a major increase in its usage. The government of the United States focused on the promotion of sports in order to demonstrate their will power. These were the earliest days of sportsmen becoming a part of advertising tennis shoes, something very common these days. Players such as Chuck Taylor and Jim Thorpe were among the first to support athletic footwear. This led to increase of tennis shoe sales which had become a part of daily life by the 1950's. A lot of schools had assigned tennis shoes to be a part of their uniforms. They have been through a lot of updates in the last few decades. The traditional flat soled variety with a low top and the basic lace arrangement has… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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