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However, this may be a fact that there are some areas of universities that need reformation, since it is unsafe to drastically modify the relationship between faculty members and students (Blau, 1973).

Thus, transferring many students to each faculty member risks has greatly withdrawn the class of education that is being given. For example, over the last forty years at Brown University, the student-faculty ratio has almost stayed about constant (at about 12-14).

Although tenure has received a lot of negative attention in order to claim it as an outdated system. Firstly, it was in the year 1993 when Congress eradicated the obligatory retirement age for police, professors and firefighters (Allen, 1996).

However, it was again reinstated for the police and firefighters in 1996, but not for professors due to which, there was an extensive worry that older professors who lacked academic strength would continue to teach as well as oversees the students (Allen, 1996). However, this problem has been identified where United States Congress considered legislation to permit to the tenured faculty of colleges and universities the permission for age-based early retirement plans (Allen, 1996).

Secondly, it was more generally stated that tenure was a protection for the unskilled teachers. Even though, this point was hardly raised earlier, but in the Handbook of the American Association of University Professors it was evidently stated that tenure should be ended for "adequate cause," that is, "incompetence." Therefore, if execution of incompetent staff is not required when it should be, then this is not a reason for the removal of tenure (Allen, 1996).

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These claims and reason were not much successful for the eradication of tenure system from many of universities and colleges, but the number of non- tenured faulty members is also not less as hey believe that tenure is an outdated system (Abbot, 1988).


Term Paper on Tenure and Higher Education Does Assignment

Thus, tenure though being very significant and vital to the correct functioning of higher education, still for those who take it as offensive in academe itself, it itself is now being part of reduction of educational quality. However, it has been reported that today more than half of all the people teaching in colleges and universities are non-tenured lecturers (Bess, 1988).

Though is keeps the costs low of those institutes, but also eradicate the enfranchisement of faculty that involves the maintenance of standards and the quality of the education provided by institutions (Bess, 1988). In other words, parents would prefer their sons and daughters to get their education from an engaged and large number of full-time faculty, more willingly than having them being taught by irritated, low paid, and roaming teachers (Bess, 1988).

Therefore, tenure still persist in education field that not only promises freedom of expression both inner and outer academe, but the tenured staff members are also enfranchised to share in the combined responsibility for the academic institution, resulting in the increases of the quality of the education and provide as well as the research and scholarship that they produce for their students (Bess, 1988).

A recent survey by National Education Association revealed on the cast doubt criticism usually leveled against tenure, that is: lack of output among tenured faculty. These allegations have not been proofed and verified by empirical evidence. The NSOPF-93 data showed that tenured faculty at their institutions works more than forty hours every week.

Finally, to proof the statement that tenure is not outdated but still works is another survey data indicated that tenured faculty has not abrogated their teaching responsibilities to others. These tenured faculty members along with tenure-track faculty teach more subjects than non-tenured faculty and even spend approximately the same amount of time teaching as tenure-track and non- tenured faculty. The earlier record spent was around fort-four percent of their time in teaching along with other related responsibilities; while the last average forty-five percent and forty-seven percent respectively, proofing that tenure still works in educational system.


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John E. Savage. The Role of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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