Tenure Mixed Methods Post-Tenure Review: Research Questions Dissertation

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Tenure Mixed Methods

Post-Tenure Review: Research Questions

What changes in organizational structure occurred after tenure was granted?

The primary intention behind this research question is to determine if there is a distinctive behavioral or professional change which occurs once an individual is granted tenure to the extent that changes occur organization-wide. Such is to say that a primary point of contention in the debate over tenure relates to the criticism that individuals who are granted tenure tend to become complacent with respect to providing meaningful teaching or instruction. This accusation is predicated on the idea that those who attain the tenure status will abuse the professional security thereby granted by gradually or even rapidly declining in attentiveness, dedication and overall quality. The research question here is expected to measure to what extent such a change occurs or whether such changes are exaggerated by opponents of tenure.

What barriers impeded the collegial implementation of post-tenure review policy?

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This research question concerns the level of institutional opposition to any post-tenure review policy that may prevent or delay such polices from being implemented. It is generally anticipated that faculty at many levels -- and especially those who are tenured or on tenure-track -- will resist post-tenure review under the premise that this is intended to undermine tenure. The already ingrained institution of tenure and the degree to which higher-ranking educators cherish this institution stand as the greatest impediments to any assessment program such as a post-tenure review. This question will therefore clarify the position taken by those in the opposition.

3. What factors at the organization facilitated post-tenure research, service, and teaching effectiveness?

TOPIC: Dissertation on Tenure Mixed Methods Post-Tenure Review: Research Questions Assignment

The present research question frames post-tenure research as a potential ground for compromise. It is expected that the research intended to answer this research question will illuminate the avenues of accommodation through which both supporters of tenure and supporters of a post-tenure review policy can come to an agreement. This research question should be especially useful for bringing to the service common ground upon which meaningful evaluation can be made without disrupting the academic freedom and security established by tenure.

4. Does the perception of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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