Teotihuacan Institutional System Term Paper

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Teotihuacan Institutional System

The people who built and lived in the once mighty city of Teotihuacan are no longer alive to tell us what their life was like. We cannot ask them what they ate or how they dressed, what inspired them to make art or to go to war, what they feared and what they dreamed about. They are all dead and their stories have died with them. However, there remains one way in which these lost people can tell us about their lives.

The people of Teotihuacan left their city behind for us and the remains of that city can tell us a great deal about how the people once lived. We might even say that what is left of the city tells us a story of the past. This story is missing parts, just as the city's ruins are also missing parts, and so we cannot know everything about who lived there and how they lived. But we can learn and understand a lot of the people of Teotihuacan by looking at what remains of their once grand city.

Teotihuacan is important not only because of what it can tell us about itself but also because it provides clues into other cities that were alive in the same region at the same time. Teotihuacan was the largest city of the region when it was at its height; in fact, it was the largest city in the New World. The fact that it was so large is an essential piece of why it was successful. Teotihuacan could conquer other cities because it had the largest armies. It also influenced other cities even during a peace because it made the best jewelry, art, and buildings. Other cities tried to be like Teotihuacan.

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Being the largest city in the region gave it a number of advantages. The first of these was that having a large population meant that not everyone had to spend all of their time just surviving. While some people were busy farming, hunting, and ensuring that there was enough water for the city, other people could make art, serve as priests, build the temples, and establish ways to trade with other cities in the region. The fact that the city was so large also meant that it could send armies out to overrun other cities.

Term Paper on Teotihuacan Institutional System Assignment

This is also an important part of why the city was so powerful and could last so long as a major city. One of the most interesting things about Teotihuacan is that it shares a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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