termination of war and the air force Research Paper

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Principle Three: The public face of war is ever more cosmopolitan and so, therefore, is the conduct of war itself, which can no longer be quarantined from the influence of the world beyond, if it ever could.

Since the conclusion of World War Two, the innovation of global alliances and political institutions has created a new cosmopolitan landscape. Within this cosmopolitan landscape, military operations are more complicated than ever before. Even when decisions appear to be unilateral, in fact they are made with respect to global alliances, treaties, and agreements that, if violated, result in adverse long term repercussions. It is important that the conduct of war conform to the universal ethical norms for which the United States has historically fought. Airpower highlights both the challenges of cosmopolitanism, and the informed responses to the public face of war. Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Cyberspace is the arena that is least possible to quarantine. However, focusing too much on the trans-temporal, trans-spatial nature of cyber and information warfare would be a grave mistake. Traditional warfare remains integral to the airpower portfolio, even within an effects-based approach that takes into account multiple stakeholder needs. An effects-based approach takes into account the realities of a networked and integrated world, in which multilateralism is the prevailing political philosophy. Airpower recognizes that the “human element” and other softer, less tangible issues like “friction,” or the “fog of war” can “never be eliminated.”[endnoteRef:4] Within the multilateral framework, airpower plays an important but conflicted role. [4: Curtis E. Lemay Center for Doctrine Development and Education, 2012, “The Effects-Based Approach to Operations (EBAO),” p. 16]

Research Paper on termination of war and the air force Assignment

Unlike most other military domains, airpower encompasses intangible dimensions that interface especially well with communications and intelligence. Given that use of force is only one of the instruments of power, it is important to learn how to wield power in cyberspace and space as well as on the ground. Yet the Air Force never neglects the ground and continues to interface well with tactile offensive maneuvers. Even when political and diplomatic resolutions like economic sanctions are part of the overall strategic approaches to war, the use of cyberspace remains critical for achieving end goals. In fact, it is impossible to imagine successful long-term outcomes without the implementation of airpower. Global alliances are needed to maintain balances of power, preserve economic systems, and promote public welfare. The effects-based approach is particularly conducive to a successful global strategy for using all the instruments of power.

Whether working within a realist or constructivist political philosophy, there is no escaping the realities of the public face of war. The Internet and social media make war more public than ever before. Globalization is not a new social or political phenomenon; the conduct of war itself could never be truly quarantined from the rest of the world beyond. Because airpower can overcome some of the limitations of all other military means, it interfaces with other instruments of power a lot better than army, navy, and marine operations. It is important for all military leaders to consider the big picture: the political issues driving policy decisions, the overarching ethical paradigms that are being established, and the need for maintaining solid relations with the private sector and with strategic allies in the global community.

Warfare is by definition multilateral, requiring strategic alliances and collaboration with allies. Those alliances do often entail the use of tactile offensives, but in the era of asymmetrical and irregular warfare, this is not always the case. When tactile offences are implemented, they need to be aligned with overarching ethical goals. Likewise, warfare requires intelligent initiatives that take into account political and economic expediencies. Airpower recognizes the importance of multidisciplinary interventions, particularly given that cyber and space fall within its province. Instead of fighting the realities of transparency, the Air Force can capitalize on its role as a communications and informational military… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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