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Although fundamentalist Muslims have been of concern for some decades, it was not until this event that they became the primary concern for the safety of the United States and its interests. According to the article by Brigette Narcos, the attack was, from the perspective of the terrorists, an unmitigated success because it both broad universal attentions to their cause and in proving they could conduct such an attack solidified those who were opposed to the United States.

In addition to their legacy of bloodshed, the attacks shaped international relations between the U.S. And the rest of the world, particularly the Middle East ever since and will continue to shape how the government reacts to potential terrorist threats. The way in which the attacks were carried out also served as a blueprint for other acts of terrorism. Those committed since both in the U.S. And elsewhere have had certain commonalities with 9/11 including the network of terrorists involved and how they were financially supported. Thus, the government has learned ways to predict and prevent potential threats by continuing to study how 9/11 was conducted.

Ranstorp, M. (2007). Introduction: mapping terrorism research -- challenges and priorities.

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Mapping Terrorism Research: State of the Art, Gaps, and Future Direction. Ed. Magnus Ranstorp. Routledge: New York, NY. 1-29. This text is a collection of various research into the issue of terrorism, but this particular piece discusses specific issues which impede this research. First and foremost according to Ranstorp is that people tend to think that focusing on past incidences of terrorism will allow people to predict future attacks. While past trends might indicate potential threats or groups which are threatening, there is no way to use trending data to suggest where and when another attack might occur. This can only be done by examining current information and collecting data by currently acting groups. Instead of focusing on outmoded methods, Ranstorp believes more attention should be given to the social and communication aspects of terrorist organizations.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Terrorism Annotated Bibliography Gardner, K.L. Assignment

In order to find ways to combat terrorism in the future, there should be increased focus on research into currently functioning organizations, how they communicate, and how they can access dangerous technologies. In this day and age, the world is changing rapidly and while we can learn about our own country's mistakes from past terrorist attacks, there is little else that can be gained in terms of combating terrorism or in predicting future attacks. By taking Ranstorp's suggestions seriously, emphasis can be placed on identification and proper research methodologies, thereby performing efficient work into prevention.

Sinclair, S.J. & LoCicero, A. (2007). Fearing future terrorism: development, validation, and psychometric testing of the terrorism catastrophizing scale (TCS). Traumatology. Sage. (13: 4). 75-90. Samuel Sinclair and Alice LoCicero, in this study, have devised a scale by which potential psychological damage to terrorism can be measured. This is an important aspect of terror management theory (TMT). Terrorism, by the very definition of the word, are acts which are designed to inflict terror and therefore their psychological results are important components of their success. The scale measures these threats based upon three criteria, rumination, magnification, and helplessness.

Although the test is designed to test the individual and how they respond to terrorism, it can be applied to a national scale. The more likely that a group is to psychologically break down in the threat of terrorist action, the more important it is to prevent action because the group will be more likely to be attacked. If a terrorist organization knows one country's population will be psychologically decimated, then it makes sense that they will devote their resources to harming that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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