Terrorism Causes Thesis

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Causes of Terrorism

It is clear that in recent years, terrorism has become a threat to global security. After 9/11, the entire world became aware of the pervasive threat posed by global terrorists from all corners. While a great deal of efforts have gone into fighting global terrorism, it is also important to identify the causes of terrorism in order to prevent it. Three causes terrorism that can be identified are poverty, nationalism, religious fanaticism.

Poverty has often been identified as a cause of terrorism, as impoverished people are more apt to join terrorists sects in order to support themselves and their families. Some argue that when a group is deprived of their basic needs, they are willing to rebel. In addition the conflict between East and West or impoverished and rich may be to blame ("Causes of Terrorism" 2005). Indeed, it makes sense that impoverished groups would turn to terrorism. Terrorists often have well-funded networks that can provide resources to their comrades in other countries and in many geographical locations. Because these terrorists can promise food and perhaps even survival, young and old members of impoverished society are likely to sign up. Thus, poverty can be designated as a global threat, causing terrorism.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Thesis on Terrorism Causes of Terrorism it Is Clear Assignment

In addition to poverty, nationalism often contributes to a person's decision to join a terrorist organization. Zalman says that all terrorist acts are either motivated by "social and political injustice" or "the belief that violence or its threat will be effective, and usher in change" (para. 1). While these motivations need not be tied to nationalism, they very well can be. Once again, the East-West class… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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