Terrorism Concepts Essay

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Terrorism Concepts

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Mao's first stage of revolutionary mobilization is the organization and consolidation of base areas, preserving certain enclaves (usually in areas that were hard for outsiders to reach, isolated and/or with rough surrounding terrain). Then, single-mission attacks meant to terrorize as well as obtain resources would be carried out to allow for progressive expansion. Finally, the enemy would be engaged in all-out warfare and destroyed.

During consolidation, terrorism is necessary in order to obtain political support, and to dissuade local citizens that might not side with the revolutionaries from becoming involved on the wrong side. Before enough power is obtained by the revolutionaries, terrorism is also the only real means of making attacks that have a real psychological effect on morale.


Terrorism is meant to shatter the cohesion between the government and the populace as well as the social cohesion of the populace, but the political cohesion of the populace is a target not for disintegration, but rather for strengthening following realignment towards the revolutionaries.


Aerial bombardment is impersonal and directly tactical. Terrorist assassinations are symbolic, stirring passions as well as creating tactical advantages. They also deliberately undermine the power structures and roles that exist in the political structure, rather than becoming a new expected part of that structure as can aerial bombardments.


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The humanitarian efforts practiced by Marines made them targets both for suspicion by the Viet Cong and provided a camouflage for the possibility of terrorist attacks, such as through the hiding of explosives that would target these humanitarian-minded Marines.


TOPIC: Essay on Terrorism Concepts Assignment

Terrorism binds the cohesion of the terrorist organization by providing symbolic evidence of progress as well as real actions that can be easily observed and used as recruiting tools. As public displays, they are things that all members of an organization can share in the credit for.


Wars fought by terrorists are wars of ideals, at least ostensibly, though often the guerilla warfare that they pursue is in reality more concerned with generating profits and the amassing of resources and arms for protection of the terrorist organization's leaders more than they are about the principles and injustices spoken of to the press and foreign governments.


Mao asserted that political mobilization was the most fundamental condition for winning wars.


Mao believed that the military force was also necessarily a political unit during revolutionary war, and that it could not be kept separate from the masses due to this political connection. The military was the force that could truly give revolutionary power, or at least the appearance of true revolutionary power, into the hands of the people, and in this manner served as a rallying point and a force of collective action and collective accomplishment.

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One of the principle differences between state sponsored terrorism during the Cold War and now is that while many terrorist groups were understood to be proxies for state militaries then, now the terrorist organizations are just as likely to be using their sponsors as the other way around, and in fact most relationships have much more nebulousness about them.


One of the major costs of "outsourcing terrorism" is a lack of political control, which has definitely been seen in Pakistan as the many militant and jihadist groups have proliferated and gained a great deal of monetary and political clout, such that elected leaders like Musharraf are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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